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    Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-250

    Has anyone tried any of the HD PVR's on the market? Extremely curious how the WinTV-Scheduler works. Can I expect the same punctuality as a Tivo based DVR? The PVR-250 gets its Electronic Program Guide
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    What resolution is atsc m/h broadcasted at?

    I'm of the impression that there will only be one signal broadcasted for atsc m/h. What res will it be broadcasted at? I guess it'll be the same no matter what size display you have :confused:
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    Do DVD and CD repair kits work?

    Anyone try these kits yet? Ikve seen them in stores, but word on the street (from my kid's friends) is that they don't work so well. I have a few scratched media that I'd like to keep instead of throwing out. Any suggestions for what works or what doesn't?
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    Universal Sports Network

    I've seen Universal Sports Television Network mentioned before but I don't get it OTA. Anybody get it? Does it cover anything besides Olympic sports?