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    hawaii reception

    hello, what DTV channels will i recieve when im visiting hawaii in november. help please thanks Clinton p-s i have a insignia ns-dxa1 DTV box and a matchmaster prime/good UHF antenna. will my australian antenna which i carry with me work in hawaii.
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    got one of those on eBay

    hello, a friend of mine brought me a Insignia NS-DXA1 Converter Box on eBay and it should arrive in about 2 weeks. i have a multi-format TV and the nesseray gear to power the set top box in my location. does it have a feature called manual tuning which allows you to tune in individual...
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    hello, what channels will KHON-DT be using. we here can recieve analog KHON TV-2 via e-skip at night in the northern tropics of Queensland Australia wonder if KHON-DT will be the same eventually. Clinton
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    hellos from Australia

    hello, ive heard a lot about digital television change-over in the states from my sources here in Australia. im located in Ipswich in the state of Queensland Australia and we already have digital local channels which i expierement with. you can see my website at DIGITAL TV DX | thanks Clinton