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    Question: Channel repack

    Trying to understand the repack, will it be even harder for rural areas now. I live about half way between Macon ga and Savannah GA little closer to Macon and starting June 1st form want i understand wsav out of Savannah is moving form 39 to 16 which happens to be wgxa channel as of now in the...
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    Question: Does anyone know about the 91xg

    I have posted on here before. Im just very interrested in antenna and have fun talking about them. My question today is the 91xg antenna sold on antenna direct a better antenna than a yagi corner recflector which both look bout the same but the 91 xg looks a little biger and uses forks elements...
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    Question: Channel Master 4251

    Been reading around and came up on a classic channel master 4215 antenna. Form want I have read about this great antenna it is a dream and rounds circle around antenna used today. Had a very high gain with exertem range. Does anyone on the forum know about this antenna and want antenna comes...
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    Cell phone wars

    Has everyone noticed that cell phone prices are coming down. Verizone droped there top plan form 99.99 to 69.99. They are some carries out there offering unlimited talk for less than 50 dollars a mouth. Staright talk form wal mart is 45 dollars a mouth for everything talk text and mobile web...
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    How does ebay sellers get away with these antennas

    I have seen all these antennas on ebay that said they will get recption for up to a 100 miles or more and compared these antennas to some of the top antennas on the market. They say these antennas will work well even in rural areas. My question is how can adervertise this if its not true, these...
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    Wish tv would go to a network like cell phone are used

    Hey everyone, wouldnt it be cool if tv could be used on a Frequency like cell phones are used. The stations could use the towels other than there own, to get good recption out in the country, maybe with a lower cost in the long run to preduce more stations to a bigger audence.If this were to...