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    TV Set To Speakers Connections

    I ran an audio cable from the headphone jack of the TV set to the Bose Companion 2 Series III speakers' (at the suggestion of the Bose speaker setup guide) Aux In, turned down the TV's audio, and got pretty good sound from the speakers. But I will also try your suggested setup too, Thanks!
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    TV Set To Speakers Connections

    Hello...I want to improve the audio on my Milanix MX7 digital portable TV set by connecting it to a set of external speakers. The TV set has two output jacks, a headphone and an AV Out. Can I connect the tv set to the speakers with a 3.5 mm cable from the tv's AV Out to the speakers' AUX In...
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    Question Concerning HD Streaming Video Setup

    I'm having cable provider RCN activate a cable drop in my living room for streaming HD video, to a Roku 3 linked to my TV set, for a hard-wired setup. The Roku 3 manual specifies that I need a router to interface between the cable drop and the Roku 3. But the RCN tech said, No, you just need a...
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    Can I Get "Virtual Surround" Audio With This Rig?

    I just purchased a flat-screen HDTV (LG 39LN5310) and noticed an option under Audio Settings, "Virtual Surround"... So I'm wondering if I can invoke this option with my present rig setup... The HDTV audio is patched into an Onkyo TX-8255 stereo receiver, which doesn't have digital audio. My...
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    Question: Can I Receive Streaming Video OK With This Setup?

    I am currently a cable internet customer and want to set up streaming video capability in my apartment, hopefully with certain in-place components. (I have a pretty tight budget). Here is my setup: I have a cable internet drop via a Zoom cable modem in my bedroom, connected to my desktop PC...
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    Navigating USB-Loaded Flash-Drive Films with DVD Players

    My Pioneer DV-610AV DVD player has a USB port from which I can load movies stored in a flash drive. I have films in DivX format stored in flash drives... The movies play just fine, but don't work with any Resume-type function; if I try to fast-forward to a point in a film, the DVD player just...
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    HDTV & Region-Free DVD Players

    I'm interested in viewing DVDs of both NTSC & PAL formats...I found this Web site that features so-called "Region-Free" DVD players, that can play DVDs of NTSC & PAL, like the Phillips DVP5140: Philips DVP5140 Multi Region DVD Player However, a colleague warned me that I also needed an HDTV...
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    New Signal Interference With DTV

    I set up a digital converter with rabbit ears back in July, with adroit assistance from this Forum. My digital signals have been pristine! But...for the past few weeks, I've been getting snow-like interference on my favorite local channel (Ch. 5, WCVB). The picture is visible, but with the...
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    What is wrong with this picture?

    I set up a Tivax STB-T8 digital TV converter with my non-Digital TV set, but got no digital channel reception... All connections are rigged through my JVC VCR...the TV set, the audio receiver and the DVD player. Before the conversion, I used a Gemini G2000 indoor antenna and got decent...