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    Question: Need a relatively simple small VHF-H antenna that will fit on a j-mount

    I recently installed a Antennas Direct Clear Stream 2 and it picks up all the local stations except 1 (ABC on real channel 10 (27.1 DTV)) The problem is the Clear Stream 2 is designed for UHF signals only. This is a real irony as I can pick up channel 8 (8.1 DTV Digital) (local) which is also...
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    Need HD Radio AM & FM recommendation

    My wife loves listening to talk radio on AM dial. However it often has that "whiney" sound associated with AM drift. My current setup uses a heavy thick copper loop for the AM antenna. I thought about going to HD Radio and running an antenna up to the attic from the basement. I would need...
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    Need advice: attic antenna

    I need advice for an indoor attic antenna. Conditions: 1. Attic is 20 feet from ground running mostly N-S direction. Asphalt shingles. Wood structure. 2. Will need to run drop from attic to TV in Master Bedroom. About ~10 foot drop. 3. Stations being broadcast from east, north and...