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    TV/VCR combo dvd player connection

    I have a Panasonic tv/vcr combo. TV picture is good and vcr tapes play clearly. But most of the time, if I try to hookup a dvd player to it, the dvds don't play clearly. The audio is fine, but the picture is very dark and streaky; almost like how I remember a scrambled satelite channel...
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    Most shocking/OMG moments

    There were two times during this series when I recall jumping in shock while I was watching the show. The first was in the first episode I think. The plane had just crashed and they showed the huge engine still running....then the guy walking in front of it and WHOOSH: he got sucked into it...
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    the children

    Wasn't there some kind of mystery alluded to in a previous season concerning the children on the island: that somehow they were all "gifted"? (I'm remembering the end of a season where the Others were dressed like castaways or savages, and Micheal had gone looking for Walt). Also concerning the...
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    Lost channels on my converter box

    I have 2 RCA DTA800 converter boxes for two separate televisions. Both tvs have only indoor (rabbit ears) antennas. I set both up several months ago, and went from having 2 very fuzzy channels, to 9 very clear channels. One of the local stations made the switch to digital on the 17th. I...