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    Just for fun...have a peek at a used concert sound system

    Amplifiers Subwoofers I happened to be looking at some used sound equipment...just to see what is out there. I came across a well-used sound system suitable for larger festivals or venues. Going price for the speakers and amps...$380,000. Takes some big dollars to make big sound.
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    So how is the job hunting, health care, etc going?

    I know some here are looking for work, pulling to make ends meet. Has anyone seen signs of improvement in job market? I hear many people do not even get a rejection e-mail or call. Just silence. I see jobs but everyone says competition is fierce.
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    Fios reps seen in WalMart

    I was in WalMart the other day and noticed a red shirt, obviously Verizon garb, on a you man. Then there was a slightly older go-getter with an unbranded white shirt. He had all the enthusiasm of a hungry sales guy. Seems he was walking up to shoppers, asking about their internet provider. The...
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    Lestrade!!! Have you weighed in on Peaky Blinders?

    I just watched the first episode. I'm interested and will continue to watch. I'm watching on Netflix.
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    Apple iOS8 still have trouble

    I have not updated to 8 yet. A few friends, who are Believers, are not either. Others have slugged down the coactail and continue to "be happy" despite the problems. How about you? Any Apple users out there?
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    So iOS 8 not ready yet?

    It seems like ios 8is not quite compatible with the latest Apple devices. Apple removed the update after so many users said it totally screwed up their phones. It looks like the majority of problems are on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. A friend with an iPHone 5 said his battery is draining very fast...
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    Taking apart an old rotary phone

    Was it a Princes style phone? If you remember those small oval sets. Some of them had a separate bell that mounted to the baseboard of the room.
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    Taking apart an old rotary phone

    Hmmm. I've seen a LOT of those phones when my grandfather had a trucking contract with them. I have never seen any gel or liquids in them. I did not think they had a battery. You may be looking at a capacitor. The phone on the left has a large silver capacitor..on it's right side. He may have...
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    Netflix storming Europe

    Netflix has expanded into Europe this week. Switzerland. Germany. Austria. According to Cnet, this expansion will bring in more cash so Netflix can control it's destiny and create new content. But Europe already has a taste for Prime and other streaming services. Can netflix get more monet from...
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    Fios will offer free on-demand programming Sept 19-29

    The Fios On-Demand Mrathon is about to kick in! "Marathons give Verizon the opportunity to do two things – thank our FiOS customers for their loyalty and remind them that the FiOS On Demand platform offers a wide variety of entertainment options every day, with great value built in," said...
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    Question: Is this forum a cutters lair?

    Are we mostly internet streamers here? I see a lot on OTA TV, getting OUT of paying The Man for TV and the like. Maybe I'm wrong but this is not a Big Channel Package haven. Nobody is drooling over 3000 channels and 10 channel DVRs. Are we mostly OTA, streaming and free PBS watchers?
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    Sept 9th netflix DVD Releases

    Attention citizens of the global economy! Netflix has made available to you, on manufactured DVD discs, the following audio and video consumables. Otherwise known as Movies, these discs are chock full of entertainment. Have a look! Captain America: The Winter Soldier...
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    Sweet Onkyo Reciever for home theater

    I was browsing Amazon for some deals on surround sound receivers. I came across this very nice Onkyo unit. If I were looking for a No BS surround receiver that was not hyped up with useless crap...this would be it. There are seven HDMI connections,. You won't run out. You can, if you want, run a...
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    COMCAST to sponsor NASCAR

    Looks like Comcast is the new sponsor. Nationwide insurance is out. It will be called the NASCAR Xfinity series. The agreements goes to 2024, which is the longest contact yet.
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    Fios Turns 10 Years Old! Verizon celebrates ten years of Fios this fall.