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    Best antenna for portable DTV viewing?

    For the past couple of years I've been using a set of Radio Shack rabbit ears that I've had for some time now. For seeing what I can get while I travel I use a MacBook laptop with an Elgato EyeTV hybrid as my DTV stick. UHF reception is fine, but VHF stinks! Often I can't get high band...
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    Any hope for me?

    I live in northwest Kansas and after lurking on this site for over a year I decided to come forth! I want to build an outdoor antenna setup but don't live real close to any transmitter towers. Here's my TV Fool. At present I have in my possession a Winegard HD-8200U, a Channel Master 7777...
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    Any hope for me?

    Hello all! After lurking here over a year I finally decided to register and come out of the shadows. I live in northwest Kansas. While the terrain here is fairly flat I'm just not real close to any transmitters. However I still plan to put up an outdoor antenna just for the sake of...