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    Question: Which do you feel is safer?

    Regular sat/cable or Netflix/Hulu/streaming for your kids and teens? I vote for the streaming because at least it doesnt have commercials trying to brainwash them...
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    Where do you go for the news?

    Where do you go for the latest news casts? I personally like CNN because they have a decent site to navigate.
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    Is the show Hannibal any good? I grew up loving Silence of the Lambs and then the movies that followed. Are they similar, different worth the watch? I so need new shows!
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    Daytime TV?

    Does anyone know if you can stream daytime TV? I used to watch Ellen and that type of show but havent for a good year or so. Is it available for streaming?
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    Question: Which TV shows from the PAST would you love your kids to watch?

    I would love my kids to watch things like Full House, The Brady Bunch, Blossom, Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, and I am sure there are others. The shows now for "families" have so many innuendos and things kids don't get it drives me nuts. Like why is Big Bang Theory on during a...
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    Question: Pick one

    If you had to pick just one which would you choose? Hulu Netflix Amazon YouTube Other (explain please)
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    Pets watching Tv

    MY cat LOVES to watch tv and if there is a bird or cat on tv he will go and look behnd the tv to find it and always gets rather confused. Does anyone else have a pet that gets aggressive with the TV? My dogs bark at other dogs and my bird hates most commercials. Fortunately the fish don't watch...
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    Taking online classes and they use Youtube for lectures!

    I find this so funny that these accredited universities use youtube to show me their lectures. Of course it's nice to have the quality settings when I have a house full of internet suckers but it just feels so unprofessional. What do you watch on youtube? I like to watch a couple of different...
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    Question: Life is so Grimm

    I have been trying to watch Grimm from the beginning and I only made it to episode three because everyone else has their devices on and are causing buffering. I have the fastest internet i can get in my area (middle of nowhere Canada) and darn that's frustrating. I almost, ALMOST, logged in and...
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    Oh how I loathe you...

    Yep I admit it. I loathe (love) the shopping channel. I literally paid of my credit card yesterday (yay me) and then today was watching it on tv, streaming some of the videos and now my credit card needs paid off again! Anyone else watch the shopping channels? what do you buy? I ordered some...
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    You sit back, relax, have a new season of your favorite show starting and...

    what do you snack on and drink? Do you sit and watch the whole time or do you get up and do things while you have a show on? I could use some popcorn and chocolate right now. May have to go raid the kitchen :D
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    Grimm - Should I start now?

    Should I start watching Grimm now or should I watch it from the beginning and have me a marathon?
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    Whats your favorite late night talk show?

    I have a thing for Craig Fergusson... i think its the accent!
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    loving that Netflix lets my kids watch movies i grew up with!

    had to bring my mom to the hospital today and when i came home the kids had netflix on and were watching Ghostbusters II and I felt nostalgic. Love how these awesome movies are available to my kids, instead of the junky things that nickelodeon tries to sell them...
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    Can you Stream full sporting events?

    Hey was wondering if there was somewhere that you can stream live sporting events like hockey? Thanks!