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    Reality TV changes to Un Real Sort of Reality

    Okay just when you thought it coud not get stranger there is a TV show in the works with Jim hansen of the Muppet's fame to create a new game show but with a rally bizarre (at least to me) twist. I guess that it isn't all that different from crankers, and the time slot seems safe enough but...
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    Jesus Show in the works for Comedy Central

    I guess that it had to happen sometime, I read today that comedy central is working on a pilot for a cartoon show based on the life of Jesus, who would have thought- on comedy central no less. I guess this is just their answer for that whole south park thing here is the URL if you would like...
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    Time Warner profit up on ad recovery, cable

    This morning I heard on the news that Time Warner made some gains this past quarter, it seemed at least on the morning news that it was from deep cuts and ad recovery but reading the compnay release it goes a bit deeper then just that. CNN remains uncertain, but (and I did not know this) seems...
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    Indie films await sign of VOD, Web download success

    Found a great article on high hopes from the Indie film makers. Indie films await sign of VOD, Web download success | Reuters Although critics didn't feel this was going to make a huge change anytime soon it does seem to be a step in the right direction. At $45 for 8 films it seems affordable...
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    Does it make you sad when you realize how old an actor really is

    In another thread I stated that William Shatner is 79, Geez he is older then Larry King- and I got to thinking about how old many of the actors, actresses and musicians are that I grew up watching and listening to are. Does it make you sad to think that many of these people are that old and...
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    A new Freddy Krueger?

    With the new Nightmare on Elm Street set to start this Thursday it should be interesting to see if Jackie Earle Haley can fill the shoes of Robert Englund. Call me old fashion but I think they should have stuck with Englund if for no other reason to have at least one cast name that would be a...
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    Valentines Day- Dos anyone still celebrate this?

    Happy VD day! It seemed when I was youngr this was one of the few days a year that people really got into. This year I do not see much in the way of valentines commemoration- is this a fad that has now run it;s course? or a reflection of the down economy? Did you celebrate valentines with...
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    Winter Olympics

    Happy VD Day! Today is the third day of the winter olympics, I saw the opening cermonies and will probably catch some more coverage. There is so many great competitions to watch, anyone looking forward to any competition areas or maybe know of an athlete that is competing? would love to...
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    Superbowl Commercials

    Hey as we all know superbowl means -YUP you guessed it superbowl commercials. I heard this year (finally) we will see the Bud Clydesdales, now don't get me wrong I loved the frogs, and I seriously hope they don't make the clydes into that abomination called the california cow cheese commercial...
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    Are Paranormal Shows fake?

    Hey, just wondering what you all think about the million paranormal shows on. Do you think that these are fake? I have seen things on the net that make me think they could be, but do you think they ever get any real evidence?
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    Sons of Anarchy

    Any Sons of Anarchy fans? I found the show by accident and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Katy Sagal does amazing as Gemma, plus Henry Rollins WOW, well to bad he won't be back season three, which BTW won't happen till the fall. That stinks- but hey if they play the re-runs you might...
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    Any Hockey Fans?

    Any NHL fans out there? Just wondered a few things, heard on the news the Leafs (I thought it said) had the grossed the highest merchandising sales in the NHL, I was shocked if that was right, would have thought for sure that would have been detroit or NJ can anyone clarify that? Saw the...
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    Then why do it?

    David: 'Seinfeld' cast to reunite on 'Curb' PASADENA, Calif. – Larry David says the on-screen reunion of the "Seinfeld" cast will be "tough to beat." The "Seinfeld" co-creator and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" creator-star says the cast will appear together in the finale of the upcoming...
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    You Just Can't escape them

    More ads coming to TV — even to one-time havens It maybe true that TV would be more exoensive without ads, but if they are doing so well why are we paying so much more. I never thought I would see the day when programming in the MIDDLE of the day :gramps: on network TV would be ads. Wow maybe...
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    Bet you wish those girls were still nexts door Hef!

    Playboy posts disappointing quarterly loss Did Hugh make a huge blunder when he let Holly and Kendra move on?? Hard to say but it is pretty ironic that even porn isn't selling. Who would have thought?