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    Friday Night Lights

    Does anyone like the show? I think this is the most well written show on TV write now in terms of characters and events. The cast is amazing especially since most of them are so young. People probably tune it out because it's about Texas football or because of the horrid movie its based off of...
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    Favorite Plot Characters

    What I mean by plot characters is the characters that are there just to drive the plot i.e. episode villains, damsels in distress, anyone that hasn't appeared on the show more than twice. Anyway, my favorite is Mr. Jones from episode #7. He was there for a very short amount of time but had a...
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    Easter Eggs

    fringe glyphs Here are the promotional fringe glyphs released by FOX, each contain a secret to their image. Ill try to explain best I can going in order from the top left to right. * Ghost Face: This cloud of smoke forms a face. Probably represents transcendence of the physical form *...
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    PS3 is awesome

    For those who don't know what a PS3 can do let me fill you in. Yes they are the most expensive console on the market but they can also do the most. it is a... Blu-Ray player HD gaming console internet browsers console that helps scientist find cures for various diseases upconvert DVD player...
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    How in the hell does Hole in the Wall get a sub category before Fringe?