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    Used to get Channel 7 KGO-ABC easily but not now

    DTV Reception Maps Better link to look for channels
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    Need a replacement remote control for converter box

    Bought a universal remote at WalMart and it would not work with the Magnavox converter box. No codes would be recognized. Maybe a different one would work.
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    Used to get Channel 7 KGO-ABC easily but not now

    Why is channel 2 FOX KTVU shown as to the north-east? I would think they broadcast from San Francisco like the other major channels. Is it on a repeater?
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    Used to get Channel 7 KGO-ABC easily but not now

    I don't even see KABC Channel 7 on my TV Fool report now.
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    Used to get Channel 7 KGO-ABC easily but not now

    TV FOOL REPORT Now ALL I get is the closest PBS station channel 22 I also used to get 36 and 65 but don't get those now either. Maybe something went wrong with the antenna or the wire connection there where the coax connects. I used to have a magnavox converter box but don't use it now...
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    Need a new Converter box The super sonic iConvert box is disappointing. Channels I used to watch using the old Magnavox converter box now come up with a blank screen saying "no signal."
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    Need a new Converter box

    Going to order one of these from Fry's I suppose. Any comments or recommendations appreciated. Or should I get the RCA one from Walmart discussed elsewhere? Naxa SuperSonic ...
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    Question: My converter box is screwed up

    I've been wondering why I see "no signal" when I try to get channels I used to get pretty confidently. I'd then try removing the coax from the box and reconnecting it, then like twisting it, and tightening it down more. Sometimes the channel comes in then. Obviously a bad connection there...
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    Question: Need Region-Free DVD Player

    I understand some dvd players can be set to be region-free and some cannot. Anyone have experience with this and have a recommendation for me? Specifically I want to be able to play region 2 Europe dvd's. My cheap player is region 1 only as most US players come off the shelf and that cannot be...
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    Winegard HD 8200U $99 today only

    "Deal of the Day" Deal of the Day - Solid Signal
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    Question: Analog Ch 25 comes in great

    The Fool Report: TV Fool I only recently realized that analog 25 was in a totally different heading (azimuth) than my other channels. Had been watching very poor reception on it, until just now and I turned the antenna and it comes in strong. Analog 25 is the same as digital 4-1 which is KRON 4...
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    Question: 34" Sony XBR HDTV Model KD-34XBR2

    Going to check out one of these near me for sale. Offer about $60 for it? Anyone have one? HDTV CRT with ATSC for OTA digital TV 34" Sony HDTV + Samsung BluRay Sony eSupport says: Good news! Your Sony KD-34XBR2 television has an ATSC tuner so you will be able to receive over-the-air...
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    Question: Point indoor antenna to pickup CBS/FOX in San Francisco

    I think the guests apt is on the east side of the building and faces east; while the Sutro Tower is off behind to the west. There's other apartments on the west side of the building and if you were on the third floor looking out of one of those windows you might be able to see the tower. Also...
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    Question: Point indoor antenna to pickup CBS/FOX in San Francisco

    I was able to finally figure out how to do an elevation profile. What it showed is: There is no Line Of Sight! It is blocked by a hill. I used these tools (so someone else can re-create the profile, or do another for their own situation) Really interesting application IMO! Elevation Profile...
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    New UHF Antenna Is Up, this is the 91 element

    Here is the original one I had been using. Combined VHF/UHF from Radio Shack. 13 feet overall length. Looks to be actually a Winegard antenna it seems? Here is the new UHF 91 element, Antennas Direct : Antennas Direct 91XG UHF TV Antenna (91XG) from Solid Signal Installed on the same pole...