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    4 Most Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

    Friends tv series is Love.
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    Is Dexter on Netflix for streaming to TV?

    Hey everyone, there are some really good new releases coming to Netflix this October, I liked the trailer for The Haunting of Hill House. Seems like Netflix is going over the horror category this time in full swing. Well, Terrarium is blocked and there are other alternatives available as well.
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    hardest game to play on the 360 or the ps3?

    Call of Duty for sure, the toughest time I had playing that.
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    The Best Gaming System EVER?

    Nothing can and nothing will beat the Playstation Console. Just nothing.
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    Get Windows 10? Say goodbye to Windows Media Center

    Windows 10 is just shit, I regret moving from Windows 7. It was way much better and convenient to work with it.
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    Holiday Feels

    From where did you buy the baby shoes? Looking for a pair or two for my nephew.
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    How to get rid of mosquitoes in my house!

    There are mosquito repellants available as well that you can apply on your body except for your face. And you can use that Electronic one which comes with a fluid. Coils are not safe in my opinion. I just cannot stand it as it gives me breathing issues.
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    How to activate Netflix on TV

    I use this Netflix app on my Ipad rather than TV, dilemma is I don't have a smart tv yet.