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    Antennaweb vs. TV Fool

    Antennaweb and tvfool are good to start with but lacking in a number of areas. Like mainly covering the full service stations and not covering there station translators in many areas. Lack of low power stations. Lack of station changes and sub network updates. There really only good to see if...
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    To start we need to know if you have OTA TV transmitter/translators in your area and we need to go to (the most up to date site for ota tv info). On Rabbitears TV query you put in your nearest city/town, state, Auth Type: select Licenses and search. It will give you a...
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    Antenna advice for Low VHF channel

    Most indoor (flat panel and similar. Not rabbit ears) and outdoor antennas do not cover the Lo VHF Band (2-6 / 54-88 MHz) Some claim that they do but if you look at the specs you will find that they only have the HI VHF 7-13 / 174-216 MHz and UHF 14-36 / 470-602+ MHz bands listed. With the down...
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    How to locate local TV broadcast towers (Please read before posting)

    From my experience with the 4 TV antenna help sites listed above. Rabbitears is the most updated site for accreate local TV station info, transmitter/translator locations, station subchannels and networks on each channel. TV fool has not been updated since 2014 and the forums are locked...
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    Portable DTV

    You can find mobile Bat/AC 7" to 20" HDTVs on the web and at truck stops. Most are less or unknown brands. I guess the TVs are too small and not cost effective to have brand names?
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    ATSC 3.0 will be here within 5 years to replace ATSC 1.0

    Most TV MFGs will just add the the new ATSC3 tuners to there new sets by 2020 and most TV sets will have both atsc tuners because the Atsc3 switch is not mandatory like the switch to DTV was. So the switch will be slow do to cost and lack of programing in 4k. The 5 major network stations will be...
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    DTV Genie HR54-500 DVR

    DTV and Dish will charge you rent whether you buy a receiver or get it from them. There's no way around the receiver fees. In most cases DTV and Dish will not activate the main receivers you buy. DTV and Dish may activate there add on Mini/Joey receivers that you buy. But you still will be...
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    ATSC 3.0 will be here within 5 years to replace ATSC 1.0

    The FCC has finally granted voluntary startup of the new ATSC 3.0 system this year. Since ATSC 1.0 is not compatible with the new ATSC 3.0 system the FCC has guaranteed that the ATSC 1.0 system will not be turned off by the 5 major network stations for at least 5 years. During this time some...
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    Bigger dish to reduce rain fad and get free locals from an outside antenna

    Has anyone tried using the old Dtv world direct dish (dtv66e 36x24) or the Starchoice dish (75E 35x26) for use with Dtv ls3/ls5 swim Genie setup? These dishes are similar and bigger than the Dtv Slimline. Looks like the mounts are the same as the Slimline and if they are all that would be needed...