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    Concert DVDs

    Does anyone else collect concert DVDs? My favourites are the Freddie Mercury tribute concert, the Toronto Rocks SARS relief concert with The Stones, AC/DC, Rush and The Guess Who (among others) and Elton John's 60th birthday DVD. I have a couple classical ones too. I'm looking forward to...
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    Rotel RA 412

    I'm still in the dark ages, watching standard DVDs in stereo on a cathode ray tube TV, but I thought I'd mention my Rotel RA 412 amp. I got it in 1977 (I think) and it still works great, outlasting other components over the years from our stereo system. Does anyone else have a Rotel amp?
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    3D Sporting Events?

    Has anyone here watched a live game on a 3D system? I never have but my curiosity was peaked when they showed the 3D cameras at the bowl game with the Oklahoma City Sooners a couple weeks ago.
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    Bugging Device?

    I haven't seen it, but I read today that there's a video online that shows someone opening up a converter box and finding a microphone and camera inside. Have you heard that? I know you have to take a lot of these online videos with a grain of salt.
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    Time Spent Watching?

    I'm curious if the change to digital TV will result in some people watching more or less? In our case, we already are into cable, so I'm sure it won't affect the length of time we spend watching television.
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    S-Video Cable?

    If you're connecting equipment that is compatible with S-video, is there a difference in quality that warrants buying one rather than using another option with cables you already have?
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    Sam's Club

    I heard Sam's Club is closing stores. I assume that means the whole chain? I've only walked through a Sam's Club and didn't join because I was already a member of Costco which I thought was quite similar. Is anyone here a member of Sam's Club?
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    Family Boarders

    We've had several people stay with us over the years as boarders, but the worst experience ever was when our niece stayed with us. I just didn't see that problem coming. Has anybody here ever had an unfortunate experience with family members boarding with them?