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    For more than one connection.

    I have heard that if you have dish TV installed you can have programs only on one set.Is it really so and does that mean that each TV needs a separate dish?
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    Favorite host of chat shows.

    Whom would you rate as the number one host of the chat shows?
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    Games on LCD.

    My son insist to play his games on our LCD TV, we have given him a set to play his games but he wants bigger screen. Should I allow him, I wanted to know if it could cause some damage to my TV set.
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    Is it safe to have a tattoo?

    Tattooing is quite popular these days but is it sake to have one. I have heard that there can be many complications-like infection or allergies. If the needle is contaminated, there can be threat of HIV, is it really so or my friends are just scaring me off. Please, I need some feedback.
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    Veg or Non-veg.

    Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? Do you change your eating habits with ever changing theories?
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    Mtv- more of reality shows.

    This channel used to buzz with the latest numbers all through the day, but now most of the times reality shows are being aired on it. I miss out those musical numbers,what about you?
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    Hi its Sanju !!

    I am new at this, I am not into any kind of cable business, but I am a consumer.Hope to know how the system works and get updated with the latest.:)