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    Direct TV Now streaming- not bad so far

    Have been trying out the new DirectTV Now streaming service this week and though it has a few bugs and faults, overall it's not bad. A little background- In July my wife had to retire for medical reasons. As she's home all day now, I've been considering getting cable tv back (we have Comcast...
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    Mediasonic HW180STB HomeWorx HDTV Digital Converter Box with Media Player Function, D

    Saw this in a Newegg email flyer I got this morning, even has a USB slot to play media. Mediasonic HW180STB HomeWorx HDTV Digital Converter Box with Media Player Function, Dolby Digital and HDMI Out (NewVersion) Sam
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    Cord Cutting's Biggest Denier: Cord Cutting 'Real' Craig Moffett's 180 Degree Turn

    Saw this over at Cord Cutting's Biggest Denier: Cord Cutting 'Real' - Craig Moffett's 180 Degree Turn is Completed |, ISP Information Sam
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    Movies! network starts tomorrow

    Turned on the Boston Fox station this morning (25.1 WFXT) to find a continuously running ad for Movies! network which is starting tomorrow on their 25.2 channel. for info, station list and schedule. Sam
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    Our Pets

    Miles, Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard mix, all 140 lbs of him. The sweetest disposition on any dog we've ever had. Just wants to cuddle and go for walks. Sam
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    Aereo coming to Boston area in May

    Aereo Heading to Boston in May - Pre-Registered Users Can Hop On Board May 15 |, ISP Information They will actually cover southern NH and VT as well. Sam
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    Broadcasters worried about "Zero TV" homes

    News from The Associated Press Sam
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    2 year anniversary going OTA

    I first found this site 2 years ago while starting our search for going OTA as our Comcast bill was going north of $150/mo and we were not watching 99% of the 200+ channels. I have to says thanks to all the guys who offered info on getting started, antennas and general advice. In the past 2...
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    Neilson almost acknowledges cord cutting

    Nielsen Almost, Sort Of Acknowledges Cord Cutting - 'Zero TV' Homes Are Growing Due to High TV Costs |, ISP Information sam
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    US users opt for free TV streaming

    Article on how in the US more people are starting to get their TV viewing by streaming over the net. US viewers opt for free TV streaming Sam
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    PC Perspective site doing 3 part write-up on cord cutting & HTPC builds

    PC Perspective site is doing a 3 part write up on cord cutting and building HTPCs to go with it. I gave them links to here and TV Fool in the comments section as the author only had listed. That site says I'll get "3" channels OTA from my house. Cutting the Cord Part 1: The...
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    TaoTronics TT-0A01 antenna - Anyone ever heard of this?

    Saw this in the Newegg sale email today. May order one cause for $35 why not. - TaoTronics TT-OA01 Outdoor Amplified VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna with 360 Degree Rotating Motor Rotor, Remote Control, Reception Ranges Up to 100 Miles Sam
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    Cable co's lost over 400,000 subscribers in 2012 so far

    Cable Industry Lost 400,000 Users So Far in 2012 - Cord Cutting Denial Strong as Industry Refuses to Compete on Price |, ISP Information Sam
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    If you're using PlayOn....

    This is a great script plugin that will replace the now non-working TV Links plugin: Project Free TV Sam
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    upgrading our HTPC

    As we're using PlayOn more now and I currently have it running on my gaming rig as it's a fast quad-core I decide to upgrade the HTPC in our living room from a older AMD dual-core to a new quad-core to run PlayOn on that as that's the TV setup (42" plasma) we use most of the time. So I decide...