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    may an SWM work as splitter for OTA set ups?

    i just got unsuscribed of directv and was wondering if that device that left in the install the SWM may work for an OTA set up or just have to change by an high quality splitter? best regards Francisco
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    Question: ground block or use the ground of splitter

    i am in a dilemma , i want regularize my set up by grounding , my dilemma is have a ground block connected and a splitter for 3 televisions my question is if use the grounding of splitter would be enough or need ground, the ground block ,connected too. best regards
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    always choosed the wrong antenna

    Hello to everyone: i today purchased an rooftop antenna for an set up for my aunt i got an UHF 12 elements antenna 11.5DB gain this one Antena Exterior FA-12 UHF but i am amazed because i tested on my home indoor that antenna and picked up all the digital stations with at 73% of...
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    drop outs and weird problem with an antenna

    hello to everyone: i have an question, i in february moved my antenna of place to an higher area, above thew roof but my antenna which is of 15 elements, V shaped reflector had problems to pick up some signals broadcasting at very low power, and had to use another old antenna that i used...
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    RG6 U and RG 6 conventional coaxial cables the U nomeclature

    i today got coaxial cable RG6 but U and i do not understand what in practicals terms may mean that be unbalanced that cable. i tried looking in internet but no valid answer to my question in specific best regards Francisco
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    Signal strength v/s quality

    Was wondering if a signal strength of 7%but. Having 100%signal quality which one is most important, I just moved the antenna of place and from 33% signal strength now dropped to 7% and sometimes get pixellation or annoying image degradation with losing quality and motions very jerky, I am...
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    about HDMI output and watch analogic video sources on denon AVR 1312

    i have a denon avr 1312 receiver and got a new television, my old one is broken but the new one have just 1 shared input of video component and composite video and just connected my dvd player to the receiver and through HDMI output? best regards Francisco
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    Question: 28km 18 miles distance and antenna

    i want to setup for an aunt an outdoor antenna for DTV for an apartment where is allowed setup antennas but i am wondering what kind of antenna can use for an closed area and 28KM-18 miles distance from the transmitter to the area where need pick up a signal, there have actually an indoor...
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    Question: amplificate or not amplificate

    hello to everyone i have a question i wish setup 3 televisions well i have two already in the setup but when i added the third one i get no signal of the channel 33 UHF 11.1-11.2 which is weak signal and was wondering if put an amplifier i currently i use in outside an dish splitter...
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    We really needs 4K ?

    Many countries been trying of deploy and test broadcasts in 3D and now are suggesting the 4k resolution the big question is we really need UHD ? Somebody knows the human vision resolution in image in hard numbers, for electronics manufacturing, it is UHD the real resolution of human eyes...
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    indoor/outdoor antenna General Electric futura 24769 model

    Review to this indoor/outdoor Antenna The package and box comes with the antenna , an mini pole t stick in a wall, screws, two adaptors for install in a mast the antenna , an small signal amplifier of 20 Db an power adaptor and additionally in my case with an adaptor from 110 Volts...
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    i should use pre amp or just an distribution amp

    i was thinking in install two converter boxes more to the two televisions that are not connected directly with the rooftop antenna and i do not know if need as will run 4 outlets an pre amplifier or an distribution amplifier, as my signal in certain Tv channels gets fluctuactions and some...
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    Evaluation: here the effective ERP and TX powers of HD broadcasts in Santiago Chile

    hello to everyone at last gotthe official power tx and ERP for the digital broadcasts channels in Santiago City TV channel Content Channel UHF TX power E.R.P. power Santiago Canal 13 1 HD, 1 SD, One-Seg Canal 24 16 kW 262 kW Santiago El...
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    whatv do you think about the info that got from mediainfo from an video of an HD cha

    hello to everyone just today was with my pc capturer for Digital TV recorded sme files and analyzed with mediainfo, just found that one TV channel broadcas now with HE AAC V2 which is weird because the ISDB-Tb system do not contemplate this codec version for broadcast the HE-V2 s i weird...
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    Question: speakers for denon AVR1312

    hello to everyone i need some suggestion in frontal speakers for a Denon receiver AVR1312 my budget is about 500 Dollars and just have seen the Polk TSI 200 bookshelf ones n¿have not heard them already just was wondering any good speaker that produces good bass and trebles? brands that have...