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    Something to ponder...

    Why do ALL the characters have to go back to the island? I cant wait til this show comes together!
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    Any Dexter fans out there? My best friend watched 8 hrs of it straight this past Sunday...the 2nd half of season 2 and the full season 3. She loves it...she says it's dry and you cant help but love the main character, who happens to be a serial killer, go figure. Any other fans? any other insights?
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    Return of Characters

    What characters will show up in this 7th season as they return from previous seasons? Just like Tony returning (thank GOD). I'm hoping for Jack's hottie daughter, but anyother ideas? I'd love to get some other ideas...
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    Joe Dowdle

    Is there anyone else out there that is in love with Joe Dowdle?? He is so hot! Check out his page on facebook. Does anyone even compare to him? If someone thinks he is rivaled, let's discuss...
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    Has anyone ever heard of TV Max? I have to get it installed in my apartment. I have no choice, I guess they signed some sort of contract, but NO other service provider recognizes my home. Anyone??
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    Today Show

    The Today show is the BEST morning news show! I have been watching it since I was a kid, and I admit, it's mainly because my parents watch it, so I followed suit. However, I am addicted! Move over Good Morning America!!