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    Getting Boring?

    When I watch HBO, it seems to me that some of the shows on there get very boring. There variety of shows are lacking as compared to other stations like Showtime for instance. I wish HBO would do something about this.
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    McDonalds Commercial

    The new commercial that came out by McDonalds is GREAT! The one with the fish singing on the wall makes me laugh all of the time. Look up Filet-o-Fishon youtube, and you guys will see what I mean.
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    Do you own a CRT still?

    Since the LCD and Plasma TVs have been so popular lately, how many CRT TVs do you still own? If any? I still have 4 in my house, in addition to 2 LCD TVs in my bedroom and living room.
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    March Madness

    It's that time of the year again, and whether you have Digital TV or not, most of you will be watching March Madness at sometime in your life. What team will you be going for?