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    Channel Master CM-9025 on BRICK?

    Hello men! I wish to install a mast. The exterior wall of the dwelling is brick. I wish to use the CM-9025 brackets from Channel Master. Do you think that blue-grade 1.75" masonry screws would suffice for this application? Thank you gents...
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    ***World Trade Center*** versus ***Empire State Building***

    Hello men! I am operating a Winegard HD7694P aerial along with the RCA TVPRAMP1R preamplifier. 38 miles from Manhattan New York, as the crow flies. I get the following stations, marginally: 2.x, 4.x, 5.x, 7.x, 9.x, 11.x, 13.x, 21.x, 31.x, 41.x and 55.x as well. I believe that the signals...
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    Logitech Harmony 600 Remote

    Hello men. I own the Logitech Harmony 600 remote. It supports five (5) devices but I am using it to control six (6) devices by programming what I call ''phantom'' codes into an "Activity" that requires the control of the sixth (6th) device. It works well but here is my problemo: I programmed...
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    WCBS-NY multiple transmitters on the same virtual channel??

    Does WCBS in NY broadcast multiple frequencies to the same virtual channel? I have multiple versions of 2.1 and 2.2 show up on my channel scan. Some come in better than others, at different times of day. Thoughts? Thanks!
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    how do i split a signal?

    I have a HD7698P on the roof with a RCA TVPRAMP1R preamplifier. Should I use one 6-way powered (or unpowered?) splitter or a series of 2-way splitters to get the signal from my roof to each viewing room? Some rooms are about 75-cable-feet away from the antenna. Thank you men!
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    Splitters, Preamplifiers, Distribution Amplifiers

    Hello fellows. I read a lot of posts on here reminding us that each time you split the signal you will lose 3dB of gain. I suspect that I am not the only one that is charged with the task of feeding the OTA signal to multiple television sets in the house. I have a wife and kids and they would...
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    Preamp versus Lightning Arrestor

    Hello men. I have a couple questions regarding my lightning arrestor. I have the TII212. 1. Should I just forget about it and use a simple ground block instead? 2. What is the signal loss with this device? 3. Should the device be installed *before* or *after* the preamplifier, in the...
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    HW-150PVR tuner section

    Is there a way to ignore or ''hide'' a channel from appearing in the channel lineup, on the Homeworx HW-150PVR? Thank you!
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    Distribution Plan

    Hello gents. Please take a look at the attached drawing of my intended distribution plan for my new OTA antenna system. Any and all comments and questions are more than welcome! Here is a summary of the attached diagram. My HD7698P will be mounted to a mast on my chimney. The mast will be...
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    180 degrees out of phase antenna!!!

    Hello men: Thanks to the thoughtfulness and time that you guys have taken to respond to my previous posts and questions I have got my HD7698P up and running and pulling in the NYC stations from 30 Rockefeller Station in New York, here in farmland Connecticut! So I thank you gentlemen for that...
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    HD7697P versus HD7698P

    Hello men. I wonder if anyone knows the difference between the HD7698P and the HD7697P? It looks like the range and frequency response are the same. Thoughts? Thanks fellows!
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    USTVNOW versus Legality

    Fellows, What is the legality of the USTVNOW service that I just signed up for on the ROKU box in my house? Thank you Jon
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    DTT900 versus the DTT901

    Hi fellows. I need to purchase eight (8) converter boxes and from what I have researched the Zenith units have the best reception without equivocation. I am purchasing some through mail order sources. I see the DTT900 and the DTT901. What is the difference? Is the 901 known for having...
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    shortcut buttons for CRACKER, NETFIX and PANTORA

    Hello men. I have a remote for my ROKU with the shortcut buttons for CRACKON, NETPIX and PENDERA. I wonder if anyone has a remote without the shortcut buttons who might wish to trade with me? The remote is in great shape although it is indeed used. I would be happy to pay for shipping both...
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    ROOF versus ATTIC

    Good morning. I have been having trouble getting a good focus with my rooftop antenna. The thing about putting it on my chimney is that, even though I can control the trajectory of the antenna, I cannot change the location of the actual antenna! Therefore I have been trying some locations in...
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    Emergency Alert System on ROKU!

    Hi gents. Now that my family is ''cutting the cord'' on cable television we will be watching DVD's and Roku. Almost 100% of our watching will be *non-broadcast* type television. We typically are accustomed to receiving Emergency Alert System ("EAS") messages once or twice per year for *severe...
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    RCA ANT751 versus Winegard HD7698P

    Why in the world would I be getting *better* reception with a ANT751 rather than with a HD7698P? The RCA is three feet long while the Winegard is 14 feet long! Even when I bypass the coupler board on the Winegard (for testing purposes) I get results *no better than* what I can get with the RCA...
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    CM7777 Output Voltage

    Hello gentlemen. I am confused about some voltage readings. I am metering almost *double* the voltage as indicated on the transformer, upon the output of the transformer. When I measure the voltage *after* the "power injector" I find similar readings. Is my transformer bad? Why would the...
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    Downton Abbey

    I think there is a new season starting of Downton Abbey? How do we get it via ROKU? Thanks guys!
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    Typical Readings for Continuity of RG-6 Quad Shield Cables

    Hello. This morning I tested a batch of terminated RG6 cables in my inventory. The pieces were all approximately one (1) meter in length. Continuity from pin-to-pin was always 0.2 ohms or 0.1 ohms. So far, so good, I think. However my concern was testing shield-to-shield. Most readings...