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    Send Congress a message, to save free OTA Television and Radio

    National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is asking for you to fill in a form on their website, to send a message directly to Congress to make them aware we want to keep free 'over-the-air' Television and Radio available. Here's the link: Take Action | We Are Broadcasters
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    How to locate local TV broadcast towers (Please read before posting)

    David, You can look for photos of different tower services using Google. Regarding free OTA television reception "30 miles" is a random number. Far more important is the direction you need to aim your antenna and the websites listed above tell you both distance and direction.
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    Here is a customer service link for you: DirecTV Phone Number | Call Now & Skip the Wait
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    Antennaweb vs. TV Fool

    * 2019 UPDATE* -------- (This thread and the poll above was started in 2009) AntennaWeb now offers information on the FCC channel "repack". It now provides the new real-channels broadcasters are required to move to. Click the link below, enter your zip code, click the orange 'dot' next to...
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    Antennaweb vs. TV Fool

    Per the FCC mandated channel repack, WNEP-50 will be moving its transmitter to real-channel 16.
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    Would appreciate advice on antenna choice

    70, I would side-mount the antenna away from the tower to get the 'clean view' you wrote above. You can find lots of antenna mounting ideas online from Amateur Radio (Ham) operators websites. As a reminder, test it at a variety of heights before you select a permanent location. Jim
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    Would appreciate advice on antenna choice

    70, It took me about an hour to fabricate a new mount and its survived three winters with no problems. Another advantage of removing the reflector is it reduces the wind-loading by about half. You would be amazed how little signal it requires for a good quality digital tuner to detect and...
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    Would appreciate advice on antenna choice

    Welcome, 70decilon, The "new HD" Channel Master 4-bay and 8-bay antennas are easily altered to become bi-directional: the screen portion (reflector) is easily removed from the 'active' bow-tie arrays. Consequently, it receives signals equally from its front or back and it rejects receiving...
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    Problem getting Channel 12 in Phoenix AZ

    niv, I like your solution! To encourage others in your area, please post a list of the channels you receive. Thanks in advance.
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    Problem getting Channel 12 in Phoenix AZ

    Eki, Here is the 'repack list' of OTA channels in the Phoenix area. Your "CBS-5" is real-channel UHF-17 and the channel or frequency it transmits on will not be changing. However, several other channels will be moving, including KEJR-40, to channel 32. RabbitEars.Info The antenna you propose...
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    Common problems with DTV converters, reception, and solutions

    Avs, It depends on the brand/model of your converter box. There is a usually button marked 'return' or 'home' or 'menu'. An option is to unplug it from its power source and it may return to normal operation when you restore power to it.
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    New RCA converter box/DVR

    S, Chinese-built converter boxes are legendary for failing capacitors in their power supplies, so unplug it and let it cool to room temperature and then try it again. Also, you could put a new (or known to be good) battery in your remote control unit. Good luck, and please let us know what...
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    Need help choosing antenna....please

    Carolina Girl, Your antenna survey has 'expired' -- (their error message is below). Please rerun it and post the current result here for us to study. Jim and the DTVUSA Forum Staff --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signal Analysis Report...
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    Equipment needed to setup a vintage system?

    Uitlander, No, an antenna is not necessary for your planned setup. Your tuner will 'see' no signals available when you select the tuner option from your on-screen menu. Its hard to say what else you might need beyond good quality cables. Good luck and please let us know how it turns out. Jim
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    Please help save WWV, WWVH and WWVB

    The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has proposed cutting their radio stations WWV, WWVH, and WWVB from their budget next year meaning all three stations are in danger of being shut down. We’ve heard from our friends in the field that shortwave radio listeners are stunned...
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    Henchman, I selected a separate VHF antenna for its higher signal gain and (therotical) better VHF performance than a Winegard HD7698 combo-antenna, and at only 15' above ground level I think you will need the gain. Secondly, an 8-Bay UHF 'screen-type' antenna should be better at receiving UHF...
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    Dan, If the two UHF antennas you suggest are identical and wired out of phase, he would not need a Jointenna. Scroll to example #1 here: Stacking multiple antennas That UHF pair could be joined to a VHF antenna using a UVSJ. Jim
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    Henchman, You live in a tough neighborhood. Antenna height is king and there is some improvement in your survey at 15'. You will need an extreme-range high-band VHF antenna to receive a reasonably dependable VHF-13. Here is a good choice...
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    Henchman, I wrote above: "Please rerun it at the maximum possible height you could install an antenna and post a link to the updated results for us to study." If 5' above ground level is the maximum possible height, the odds of receiving any channels (dependably) are very poor. Jim