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    Programming channels

    I use over the air antennas for my televisions. I have two of the same Sansui digital televisions (purchased about 2012). I barely used them years ago and decided to use them now. I can program the channels on one of the televisions, but not the other. I contacted Sansui, they are guessing...
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    Question: Can't get any channels-Sansui

    I have a 19" Sansui digital tv that I barely used years ago, but want to start using it. I have an antenna because I don't have cable tv. I tried programming it by using auto memory and it said 0 channels found. I have an identical television which I tried programming that one and it works...
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    Antenna placement-distance from window

    I have RCA antennas that I am happy with (only $8 from Amazon!). I am thinking about moving a television to another area which will be about 7 feet further away from a window. Do you think that will make a difference? Also, sometimes I want to watch television while I am in my garage-I would...
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    Recording a tv show

    I was in Best Buy last night and was told that since the digital conversion took place, you cannot record a tv show from an older DVD recorder or VCR. They told me that they sell a $300 Panasonic one that would work. I assume this is true? I want to watch some daytime shows (Dr. Oz, the Doctors...