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    Chuck Season 3!!

    The season is coming back! I cannot wait for it! I have been waiting well, since the last season ended. I am so glad that all of its fans conquered and got the series to continue. WHat are your thoughts?
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    Is anyone looking foward to NEW SEASON OF CHUCK!?

    Chuck is finally returning! Yes to season 3! I hope the season extends to the summer...
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    One Tree Hill's Brooke Davis

    Why does Mark have to use Brooke Davis as the punching bag?! I mean seriously, she is the tragic hero in this series. Everyone is getting what they want while she's starting to isolate.just sayin
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    One Tree Hill S7!

    I must say, I am soo excited that One Tree Hill is back! Truly favorite characters of the show are Brooke (because she puts others before herself and she wants to care for others) and probably Jamie, because he is just so darn cute. Anyway, opinions? Hopefully not harsh...
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    Ghost Whisperer

    Is anyone excited for this season of Ghost Whisperer? I know I am! Though there is a five year jump, I think that the season is going to be great. I mean, they do show clips of what happened in those five years. What is your input?