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  1. s1mp13m4n

    Outdoor Antenna Advice Wanted (moving in two weeks)

    Hello everyone. I will be moving from an apartment to a mobile home in a rural country setting. The only tv options are satellite which I do not want or over the air tv. I own a 2012 model Vizio 32 inch led lcd tv. I would like to keep the cost of the antenna to $100 or less. I do not have any...
  2. s1mp13m4n

    Help Wanted Please For My Next Antenna

    Alright. Trip used a home made wooden single bowtie antenna. It was made of nuts, bolts, washers, and galvanized bailing wire. The antenna wires were about 24 inches long. Now, i made a version of his antenna and also a "youtube" antenna which was a quad bowtie. My issue in building it was my...
  3. s1mp13m4n

    Help Wanted Please For My Next Antenna

    Hello everyone. Several months a go I received a visit from Trip and based on his findings with his test equipment gave me an idea for a home made antenna. Well, that antenna did not hold up due to my eye site in making it and the weather. I would like a quality ready made antenna this time. I...
  4. s1mp13m4n

    Frustrated in Lynchburg

    Hello everyone. As some of you know, Trip came to visit me and do some OTA signal testing for me. He told me that I have to get an antenna on the NW side of my living room faces NE. I am trying to get some coax, about 75 feet of it to run it inside the apartment, a flat coax...
  5. s1mp13m4n

    Question: New to OTA TV and would like advice please

    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and do not see a place for a newbie to introduce oneself. I have not used an antenna on a TV since the late 80s. Well times have changed and the simple fact is that money is dictating this choice in a nutshell. My wife and I are trying to cut back on...