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    Emergency Broadcasts

    Most of the big countries are switching to DTV within the next few years if they haven't already. My question is, in an emergency, would the governments broadcast in analogue signal as well as digital? I know in movies, sometimes, they are forced to use old and outdated ways of communication...
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    How Long Before Online Video Takes Over?

    It really should be no surprise to everyone that our society is moving into digital form and being spread out on the Internet. Satellite TV gives you access to hundreds of channels, but it is on match for the Internet, where you can find and download many thousands of episodes of shows...
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    Hi-Def TV Choice

    I am planning on upgrading to HDTV from my small and old TV that I currently have. I was hoping to find one for under $1000. Does anyone have any suggestions on make or model? Or, should I just go to Wal-mart?
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    Just Started Watching

    I just recently started watching Heroes. I had watched the odd show or two, but I never could get what exactly was going on, so I decided to watch from the very beginning. I'll be honest, this show could very well make it into my top 5 :)
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    Digital TV and Canada

    I have heard and seen that the American digital transition is supposed to happen soon. Does anyone know what is happening in Canada? When is digital TV going to make its way into Canada?