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  1. thor79

    On a Budget...need some opinions and advice

    On a Budget...need some opinions Looking to spend under $1000 for a new LCD (total including tax). Tax return money and this is my first big TV (the 24" I currently have is my biggest yet, and it's still computer monitor size). I want to get the best value set (features vs. price). Can't go...
  2. thor79

    My "Home Theater"

    You guys helped me complete my entertainment here's a shot of the home theater the antenna pulls in the signals for: Samsung 24" T240HD LCD Monitor (from the Touch of Color line) Logitech Z-5500 Speaker System (5.1 system without surround right now) Roku HD Xbox 360 Pro with...
  3. thor79

    Need Help Improving Reception

    I recently moved into a new apartment and have been attempting to get by cheaper by going internet/over-the-air only...internet for stuff like netflix and over-the-air for major local stations in HD (2,5,7,9,32). I was initially able to receive channels 7 (WLS-DT), 9 (WGN-DT), and 32 (WFLD), and...