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    Got me an xBox >: D - Hooking up xbox live?

    Well, I managed to find a used xBox, in perfect working condition, with: -3 year warranty -7 games (inc. Halo 3, Gears of War 1 and 2) -Extra controller -ethernet cable -20g hard drive BOOYA. BUT! For Christmas, I wan to hook it up and get xBox Live so I can DL some extra Rock Band songs. What...
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    Buying Used xBox - What to Check For?

    I'm buying a used xBox today and want to know what to check for. If anyone could help me out, t'would be appreciated. It's a great price but.. not if it doesn't work properly. ;) Does it by any chance keep record of errors?
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    Headphones for PSP

    Not speakers but.. wasn't sure where best to put this. =P I'm a Silent Hill fan and want to play Silent Hill 0 for PSP with a nice pair of headphones... the ones they come with just don't cut it. ;) It's a great game and having proper headphones makes it that much better. Buuuut.... I don't...
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    Best Entertainment System for Gaming

    I'm interested in getting a nice but affordable entertainment system, ideal for gaming. Don't care how it looks, as long as it has a nice, crisp display and good sound quality. Any suggestions?
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    xBox 360 game Christmas shoppin'!

    Help me decide! Tomb Raider: Underworld (huge TR fan since I was little, so nostalgic value) Rock Band 2 (have the first) Guitar Hero: World Tour (eeeeeh I'm thinking RB2 over this? Although the drum set for GH looks awesome) Gears of War 2 Silent Hill: Homecoming And if you have any other...
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    Goodbye to Grissom

    Ok, it was bad enough that Sara and Grissom FINALLY got together and it was almost ENTIRELY offscreen... what a frickin rip off to the fans... but now he's gone. I'm done with this show, it is NOTHING without him. :(
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    Goodbye, Abby :(

    Well, with Abby gone, all of the "originals" have now left... and so I will not be watching save for the season finale. Abby was one of my favourites, but now that she's gone, along with Mark, Elizabeth, and Carey, I think "PSSH crap" and turn it off. :eek: :p I'm not sure if I was touched by...
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    Will it ever end?

    The first season was great. Season two was good too, but season three was pushing it. Now they're pulling a Disney and milking it for all its worth. The plot has become so bizarre and unrealistic that I can't stand watching it anymore. It should have ended long ago, but now it's gotten so far...