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    Addicted to games?

    If your kid is addicted to computer online games, like what the hell do you do? I hide the keyboard, break the mouse, kill the hardware and unplug the modem, but they will always cry to me and eventually find a hole in myself and get what they want... and I know that's not good for my son, what...
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    Do you buy..

    Do you buy your kids whatever they want? I mean I don't know how to deal with these kinds of situations, I try to handle them in the best way possible all the time, but sometimes it just doesn't work out you know? So what's your limit, and when and how do you say no?
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    If your kid does something inappropriate

    Yeah, so what would you do if you knew your kid does something inappropriate online? And I'm not just talking about what you think I'm talking about, I mean what if they like to bully other kids? Do you just let them do what they do and hope they grow out of it, or do you take action?
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    Do you have friends online?

    Do you have friends online? Many people always say how only "losers" have friends online, however I strongly disagree with that misconception. I'm pretty sure many of you guys in this forum have online friends as well, what do you guys think? Of course real life friends are better (most of the...