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    Best Deal on PlayOn TV streaming service in 2016?

    So, Playon is currently offering a $59.99 "On Sale" price. My question is, is that for the regular lifetime subscription price? Does PlayOn have any promo codes for becoming a lifetime subscriber? What does everything think of the Playon streaming service here?
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    Loss of XFinity Channels and PlayOn

    It looks like XFinity has updated their service and is no longer compatible with PlayOn. Does anyone know when the next update for PlayON will be out that will address the loss of all the xfinity live channels?
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    PlayOn and recording movies from Amazon Prime and Google Play?

    Can I use PlayOn to record movies that I rent from Amazon Prime and Google Play? I'd really like to be able to do that since I purchase the movies for rental and am not always able to finish watching them within the time limits of the rental. Is there any legal problems with doing this as well?
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    Pittsburgh vs Oklahoma NCAA score?

    Anyone see the week 3 game between pitt vs oklahoma? Score?
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    DirecTV Deals in 2015?

    Are there any special deals for DirecTV this year? My current subscription is up in 10 days, and I'd love to get some new equipment and a lower price.