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    Your Thoughts

    What are your thoughts about the new show, and do you think it will be as good as the original. :grin:
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    What happen when the Switch was Flipped

    WOW started scanning around 11:00 today and so far have picked up a least 15-20 more channels over the 24 I had. getting SC as well as NC. channels some I am getting from 90-100 miles out with no breakups at 69-75 percent signal. so now to play with LP analog to see what happens there. More...
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    Last night was weird is Ziva gone or what Hate it when they do this, then they show her being beaten by terrorist for info on NCIS, did her dad sell her out??? can't wait to find out. also when is the spin off suppose to show.
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    tonight is the night

    The series spinoff episode is tonight on NCIS !!!!! so lets see what happens hope they don't shut down NCIS the way they did JAG.
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    NCIS spin off

    any further scoop on the spin off this spring?:)
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    Winegard YA 1026 10 Element Lo-band Yagi Outdoor Antenna Reviews

    In need of a low Vhf 2-6 antenna for your area look no further than this antenna has a 4.6 db gain on channel 2 and 5.7 db on 4 and 6.0 db on 6 so if you have digital low band in your area this is the antenna, coupled with the Antennas direct 91-xg and a Channel Master titan 7777 pre amp gives...
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    Winegard YA 1713 Prostar 1000 10 El. Hi-Band VHF Outdoor Antenna Reviews

    Covers highband channels 7-13 • 10 Active elements • 100" Boom length • Box size: 59¾ x 6½ x 6½ Covers high band VHf channels 7-13 Couple with the antennas direct 91-xg and a Channel Master titan 7777 pre amp for an all round deep fringe setup. This is one of the best High Vhf antennas out...
  8. cowboyup4christ

    Cowboys Deep Fringe Prescription

    Antennas Direct 91XG UHF Antenna for uhf Digital stations mounted 4 ft over a Winegard YA1713 VHF Antenna. Channel Master Titan 7777 preamp to combine the two antennas signals it has one vhf and one uhf input and one output. a Channel Master 9521a rotator about 20 to 30'+ antenna height from...
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    New news on coupon program

    December 9, 2008 Dear Consumer: Please Note: As of November 3, 2008, consumers are able to receive coupons at PO Boxes should they choose to do so. Consumers wishing to use a PO Box are required to provide home address information, as well as a valid PO Box delivery address. If you would like...
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    DTVPal DVR Now on market

    DTVPal DVR Now on market The new DTVPal DVR digital-to-analog converter box is the first and only to offer digital video recording (DVR) and high-definition (HD) capabilities along with analog pass-through. Rear Panel Features • One ATSC antenna input for two over-the-air digital broadcasts •...
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    Centronics ZAT 502 HD Terrestrial Digital ATSC Receiver TV Tuner[

    anyone seen this yet Centronics ZAT 502 HD Terrestrial Digital ATSC Receiver TV Tuner Supports HDMI Output True HD Signal Quality for HD Ready TV High Definition Television Home Antenna Signal Aerial Reception, Part # ZAT502HD: Oak Entertainment Centers and Home Office F Centronics ZAT 502 HD...
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    DTVPAL-PLUS review

    Ok got this today and hooked it up, setup is easy has nice signal strength meter you just point the antenna and scan. if you have a rotator you can turn the rotator and scan for new channels to add them, or you can add manually and scan. remote is just like dish sat remote, in fact a dish sat...
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    DIY Indoor Antennas

    IF you are really industrious you can build this antenna which is said to out preform the channelmaster 4228 and has a est. 100 mile range. Design of The Gray-Hoverman Antenna - Digital Home Canada There are also smaller indoor designs.:) like the one attached link to how to video for antenna...
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    Deep Fringe reception

    OK finally got all the components installed for my system. I use an Antenna Craft U8000 with a wine guard 4800 pre amp. it is installed at the top of a 30 ft tower. install a channel master rotator also as I have stations 360 degrees of me. is there anything else anyone could suggest I can do...
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    LAVA A-2605 Outdoor Antenna Reviews

    Amplified HDTV Digital UHF/VHF/FM Antenna Rotor Control Outdoor Motorized Built-In Rotator High-Gain Amplifier Low Noise LAVA A-2605 Digital Local TV High Definition HD Television Reception Aerial this is a great little antenna for the price is small and lite weight has built in rotator and pre...
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    AntennaCraft U8000 8 Bay UHF Antenna HDTV Bow Tie Reviews

    AntennaCraft U8000 8 Bay UHF Antenna HDTV Bow Tie U-8000 this is the one I use and pick most of my stations from 50-60 miles away This antenna is well built and light weight it has no wire grid like the channel master which makes it have a little less forward gain 12db but if weight and wind...
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    Antennas Direct 91XG UHF Antenna Reviews

    Here is one of the antennas I sell and on most of the HD boards they rave about it. Antennas Direct 91XG UHF Antenna This high performance UHF antenna has a higher gain and a smaller beam angle than conventional Yagi antennas. The reflector grids create an improved front to back ratio with...
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    Member DTV/HD Antenna Reviews

    Tell us your experiences:) Antenna Reviews if you have a review of an antenna you use or have tried feel free to share your findings with others.:) explanation of CEA antenna ratings can be found here If you find yourself in a red to pink...
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    antenna info

    here is a good link on info about antennas and, pre amps and installation of UHF antennas for long distance reception.:)
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    Cool Software

    I just found this when playing with my new hand held gps it is called expert gps or you can use software that comes with gps but I can get exact distances to locations on the map and store them in my gps. the expert gps works with google earth this way I don't have to guess about distance from...