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  1. Tim58hsv

    Losing over the air spectrum=more TV channels

    Crazy as it sounds, in a roundabout way the loss of more over the air channels in the latest spectrum auction will lead to even more ota channels. To explain, the following was posted by me on my blog... ATSC 3.0 Next-Gen TV Thought I'd share what little I know about the new ATSC 3.0, and...
  2. Tim58hsv

    Say goodbye to channels 38 to 51

    The latest spectrum auction is over and while the wireless industry didn't get as much of the OTA spectrum as they hoped, they did manage to come up with enough cash to purchase channels 38 thru 51. What this means is any TV stations that air on channels 38 to 51 will have have to move somewhere...
  3. Tim58hsv

    Vizio tunerless tv's

    Really? This is why I will never buy another Vizio product. Vizio made some fine TV's back in the day with a great TV tuner that could pick up as many OTA channels as the (almost legendary) Zenith converter boxes manufactured around 2009. There's that and they were durable. My daughter has an...
  4. Tim58hsv

    Cheap printer ink on Ebay

    Bought an Epson XP-410 printer last year and as expected the replacement ink cartridges are really expensive. A 4 pack of the premium grade ink for the printer is around $40.00 at Walmart and Walmart's one of the less expensive places to buy it. Tried Ebay. Turns out sellers on Ebay have brand...
  5. Tim58hsv

    Telescoping mast at Walmart

    You can now order them via Walmart's website which means free shipping to store, and they are the Channel Master telescoping antenna mast. They have the 15' for $59.99, 30' for $99.99, and the 50' for $179.99. Just throwing this out there in case anyone's in the market for a reasonably price...
  6. Tim58hsv

    New RCA converter box/DVR

    It's the RCA DTA 880 and I can't find much about it online other than a couple of Youtube vids. So anywho, our local Walmart has them for $50.00 and according to the box it's 1080 and has a USB port for a flash drive to record on' so the bigger the flash drive the more you can record. I wonder...
  7. Tim58hsv

    Lucy beats Madmen finale

    Yea, it's late news but in May (2015) CBS showed two colorized episodes of the very old "I Love Lucy" TV series and it actually beat the season final of "Mad Men" on AMC by almost 2 to 1. Not only that but the only other shows that topped Lucy that night in the ratings were the Billboard Music...
  8. Tim58hsv

    Broken antenna

    I have a U4000 which is currently not in use (It's sitting in the garage) and somehow one of those blue plastic(?) pieces that holds the driven element in place is broken. If possible I'd like to try and glue it back together but I don't know what kind of material it's made of so I don't know...
  9. Tim58hsv

    Get Windows 10? Say goodbye to Windows Media Center

    If you like using Windows to record TV shows and watching DVD's, you may want to stay away from Windows 10. Windows 10 worries: 7 things that won't work after you upgrade |
  10. Tim58hsv

    Weird: Main and subchannel has different signal strength

    At least according to Windows media player, so maybe it's just the media player. Don't know but I've always thought the main channel and any of it's subs would have equal signal strength readings.
  11. Tim58hsv

    U4000 vs Mxu59

    Not the usual glowing review for the Mxu59 that would be expected buy yea, the Mxu59 yagi beats the 4 bay U4000 antenna on all UHF channels in this market, but not by much. I'll start by saying I've been using the U4000 since the digital transition in 2009 and have been very happy with the...
  12. Tim58hsv

    HBO to start streaming content

    sometime next year. This has got to hurt the traditional pay TV providers and with HBO doing it, who's next? ESPN, Cinamax, USA, ???. HBO to finally offer stand-alone streaming service | Inside TV |
  13. Tim58hsv

    TV-Signoffs.Com website

    This website focuses mostly on vintage TV station sign-offs from the days when television stations would cease their operations overnight. - J. Alan Wall's Television Station Sign-Off Site also has several final sign-offs from the 2009 analog to digital...
  14. Tim58hsv

    Netflix editing Twilight Zone

    Holy Cow, Netflix is streaming edited versions of the classic Twilight Zone TV series. Last night I was watching one of my favorite episodes from the series, "The Brain Center at Whipple's" (from season 5) and found that one of the key scenes is missing. The scene in question starts at around...
  15. Tim58hsv

    Why do some channels have...

    both an HD and SD version of the same channel? For example WDTN channel 2 in Dayton, Ohio shows the same programming on both their main channel and sub channel. Why? Don't they think that just maybe their audience might like to see something different on 2.2 or is there an actual reason for...
  16. Tim58hsv

    Batman: A different costume

    Back when I was a kid and before DVDs and VHS, we had film. The following screen cap is from one of those films available from most stores back in the day. Gotta' say I always loved the look better than the leotards that Batman and most other superheroes wear to this day and IMO, to put it...
  17. Tim58hsv

    Two new Diginets to launch this summer

    Brought to you by the same fellow that created Bounce TV. The new networks will be called Grit and Escape with Grit focusing on men and Escape will be geared toward woman. Read all about it...
  18. Tim58hsv

    Science Fiction Theatre

    This is one of those old time TV shows I'd like to see on DVD someday soon. The show aired for two seasons and ran from 1955-1957. It was hosted by a fellow named Truman Bradley and was one of those rare birds that started out in color for the first season and went to black/white during it's...
  19. Tim58hsv

    Warner Archive Instant

    Watch Rare and Hard-to-Find Movies and TV Online | Warner Archive Instant Free two week trial with a credit card. I'm giving it a shot although there's not a lot of movies or TV shows available compared to the offerings of Netflix and Hulu Plus. It also cost more at $9.99 a month but they do...
  20. Tim58hsv

    Outdoor WiFi antenna

    How do you set something like that up? We have a hospital about a mile or less away which has wifi. The other day I did an experiment where I put my Linksys G network adapter outside on the roof just above the gutter (about 8 feet high) and had a usable signal of three, sometimes two bars and...