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  1. SWHouston

    Review: New Channels or Shows of interest

    We seem to not have a clear place to announce the finding of a New Channel, or bring notice to some Show that others may be interested in. So, this Thread may be of help to our Viewers. :applause:
  2. SWHouston

    Our Pets

    Just wanted to let everyone know, we have a new member of our Pack... Meet Ichabod (Ickey) :D
  3. SWHouston

    Recreational Vehicle Antennas

    I have adequately collected appropriate Cables/adaptors to power a small DTV for mobile use, but, have had trouble selecting an Antenna. Viewed several "crank up" units, but they are too bulky and require a lot of drilling through the chassis. Thought about maybe using a C1C in Table Top...
  4. SWHouston

    What does it take....

    I think saying that having a fast connection to the Internet, would certainly be advantageous in watching TV and mainly Movies. But, what's fast enough ? Below is a capture of a speed test on my connection. Is it good or bad ?
  5. SWHouston

    Question: Where did this come from ?

    Fellas, I've got a little 10" Coby DTV on the Breakfast Room table, for News, Weather and some Sports while we're eating. It's being fed by an Antennas Direct C-1, which is temporary, given I'm running new Cable to the Attic. Anyway, did a auto-scan, and came up with 102 channels, which means...
  6. SWHouston

    Last Resort, another Lost ?

    ABC has a new Series... Last Resort. It's listed as a... Drama, War, Action, Military, Nautical, Adventure ! That certainly got my attention, and has IMHO great promise to be a very interesting series. As long as they don't try to make it another "Lost". Did you watch it ?
  7. SWHouston

    Comcast givith...then take it away.

    I have the Digital Preferred teer, with a HDD, since I can not watch many of my preferred programs at the time they are aired. Understand, that one has to pay extra for a recorder. Last week I had (on Sundays) set up my weekly recording schedules, and sat down on Tuesday afternoon, to watch the...
  8. SWHouston

    Comcast is screwing us AGAIN !

    Some months ago, Comcast dropped/changed several Channels, where one could no longer see them on older Analog TV's. Typical. Then (probably out of shame) were forced to furnish us with a Box, which was their version of a D/A Converter, where we could see those channels again. Yea, it's free...
  9. SWHouston

    DishNet may drop some local channels !

    Just read this on the internet, these locations/channels may be dropped. Some of you fellas who don't have an OTA Antenna, might start researching that. Have a good Day ! :) S.W.
  10. SWHouston

    DTVPal DVR Display Problem

    My software Ver is F208 if that's relevant. Went to do an entry on a Timer Event, and noticed that there was no picture. Usually, when I turn it on, it goes to the most recently recorded channel, and you can see the ongoing video and sound. This time, nothing ! Did a Channel up and down...
  11. SWHouston

    Blu-Ray... Door 1. 2, or 3 ?

    WOW, there's a LOT of choices out there now, Disc's are on the shelves by the dozens. I've viewed several "consumer" reports, pricing mainly the issue on those. Actually, I'm not too worried about price, wouldn't mind doing $300 or so, for the right unit. Therein is the problem, which is...
  12. SWHouston

    Review: What is your favorite Star Trek Series

    Think about it, cause you only get to Vote once ! Have a good Day ! :) S.W.
  13. SWHouston

    Welcome to dtvusa forum !

    WELCOME TO DTVUSA FORUM No doubt you have responded to a link placed elsewhere on the Internet to visit us here. THANK YOU ! One of the main goals of DTVUSA, is the promotion of FREE TV ! There are several Volunteer Users here, who have considerable experience in the selection and...
  14. SWHouston

    Question: Blue Ray Door 1, 2 or 3 ?

    Blu Ray - Door 1, 2 or 3 ? As in the change to Digital, I rate myself as one of the most avid "Kickers and Screamers", but technology moves on, regardless of my stick in the mud attitude. So, here comes Blue Ray, and as in many other devices, they ARE varied ! I've taken a short look at...
  15. SWHouston

    Science Fiction – Plots & Plans

    Science Fiction – Plots & Plans Create a Cast – Create a Plot There have been so many Series, some fabulous, some flops. What happened to them and why? Stargate for instance, the Characters changed, the Writers ran out of new ideas? What would you have done, what would you create here, which...
  16. SWHouston

    DTVUSA – Our Pets – Perfect to Promiscuous

    I've been thinking about starting a Thread for our Animal Friends for some time, so, here it goes ! Points will be given for exuberance and prolific bragging about them at some point, so don't hold back ! I'll start by showing you my Little Goofie... He's a Male Yorkshire Terrier about 1 yo...
  17. SWHouston

    HT on Wheels !

    I don't know that this HT is anything too much to brag about, but... Some of these "assemblies" weigh a TON !!! In the picture below, I'll draw your attention to the Legs on the 1966 Philco Cabinet that the components are sitting on. The legs are sitting on two steel Refrigerator Roller...
  18. SWHouston

    COMPUTER - General Information

    Found a Website for Screensavers and Desktop Bkgnds. Thought you might like some of the picks. Popular Screensavers Website Have a good Day ! :) S.W.
  19. SWHouston

    ClearStream Micron/Micron XG Indoor Antenna

    Here's a new one on the market... Antennas Direct, ClearStream Micron/Micron XG Indoor Antenna. Antennas Direct Micron Spec Sheet Have a good Day ! :) S.W.
  20. SWHouston

    Evaluation: Poll for Viewing Preferences

    OTA = Over the Air (Free TV) Personally owned Antenna System Cable = Any Pay to View Cable Provider Satellite = Any Personally Owned or Pay to View Satellite Provider Have a good Day ! :) S.W.