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  1. AG99

    It's tough to interview the president...

    ... but some people make it even tougher. I should know better than to post something political in a forum like this, but even my aunt and uncle, screaming conservatives who think everything revolves around Fox, hate Bill O'Reilly. Why would Fox pick him, of all people, to interview the...
  2. AG99

    Super Bowl 2014 most watched ever

    Not only was this dismal, disgraceful game the most watched Super Bowl ever (guess who I bet on?), but it was also the most watched TV show ever: Super Bowl 2014 is most watched in history - NBC Huh.
  3. AG99

    Best TV aliens

    I was on again today and found this: I won't tell you what the #1 pick was, but it should have been the Daleks!
  4. AG99

    Some shows are best watched all at once came up with this list of shows to binge-watch: Personally, I think "Firefly" should have been #1. I don't see how you can binge-watch some of those long-running series though; you'd be at it for weeks.
  5. AG99

    Google can mess up your TV apps

    My TV is connected directly to the internet (Sony Bravia). It has quite a few apps on it, among them YouTube. After I gave it my log in information, I could access videos, playlists, favorites, etc. Then one day it didn't work anymore. It took me a while to figure out what happened, but when...
  6. AG99

    The end for 'Castle'?

    How much longer do you think this show should go on? We're halfway through our sixth season now, Castle and Beckett are engaged, Ryan's married with kids, Alexis is off on her own, and there's not a whole lot left to do. Should we end it with a marriage at the end of this season or do you think...
  7. AG99

    Top paid TV actors

    I am definitely in the wrong career! $175k for one episode of "Modern Family"? Sweet deal if you can get it. Sofia Vergara Tops FORBES' List Of The Highest-Paid TV Actors - Forbes It's probably worth pointing out that actors don't take home nearly as much as they get paid. Of course, they pay...
  8. AG99

    People don't want TV anymore

    This article is a bit confusing for me (Cord Cutters And The Death Of TV - Business Insider), but as far as I can make out, people are cutting the cord not only to traditional cable companies, but also to broadband internet. Ditching the cable companies is an obvious trend (could they suck...
  9. AG99

    Did anyone ever watch 'The Unusuals'?

    It was an abandoned cop comedy/drama from 2009, before Jeremy Renner made it big. I found it interesting, but it only lasted 10 episodes (even less than Firefly). The Unusuals (TV Series 2009
  10. AG99

    Don't use adblock on Hulu

    I have adblock on my firefox browser and while it does block the ads on Hulu (you get a black screen for the duration), it also seems to stop the next segment from loading. Once I allowed the ads to play, I didn't have any more streaming problems. It's slightly less boring to watch the ads than...
  11. AG99

    Duck Dynasty

    Okay, what do you think of all this Duck Dynasty twaddle? I read somewhere it was the most watched show on TV (not counting special events like the Super Bowl), but that was before all the hoohah with Phil Robertson, one of the show's stars, who said some uncomplimentary things about blacks and...
  12. AG99

    Superbowl tomorrow

    The last four Super Bowls have been the most watched TV programs ever (in terms of total viewers, if not percentages): Super Bowl TV ratings: Fast facts at a glance Since I live in Colorado, I'll be rooting for the Broncos tomorrow. Even made an online bet on them!
  13. AG99

    Hulu streaming delay likely to cost ABC

    Apparently ABC thinks it can get you to subscribe to one of its content distributors by delaying shows on Hulu. You used to be able to watch Castle and Agents of SHIELD the next day, but now you have to wait a week unless you subscribe to certain providers. Can you say "torrent," boys and girls...
  14. AG99

    'Castle' wins People's Choice

    Sorry if this has already been posted (couldn't find it), but I was pleased when Castle won the PCA for Favorite Crime Drama and Favorite Dramatic Actress this year. It's about time Stana Katic got some recognition. She wasn't all that great when the series started, but she's come a long way...
  15. AG99

    Netflix streaming titles website

    I usually only have a Netflix DVD mail account, but sometimes I get hooked on a show and want to know if I can stream it right now instead of waiting for the discs. Unfortunately, the Netflix site won't tell you if a show is available for streaming unless you already have a streaming account...
  16. AG99

    Top Gear

    Do we have any Top Gear fans here? Not the rubbishy spin-off Top Gears, but the real BBC one. I don't even care about cars, but I find those guys so much fun to watch, especially recently as the show has returned to its roots and dropped most of the silly caper segments. The guys are getting a...
  17. AG99

    The Winter Olympics

    So, does anyone actually watch the games in real time? Or do you just wait for the synopsis? I remember getting surprisingly interested in curling one time, but now I generally just run past the highlights. Are the Winter Olympics much of a ratings winner?
  18. AG99

    Cut the cord

    I used to be a DirecTV subscriber a few years ago, paying around $60/mo for low-tier service. Then I began to realize how little I actually watched. I'd have the news (if you can call it that) on in the background sometimes, and there'd be a handful of shows I followed faithfully, but mostly...
  19. AG99

    Agents of SHIELD

    Any Marvel fans been watching this show? I have to admit, it's not really striking the mark with me. I find the characters bland, which makes it hard to care what happens to them. It's getting better, but has already lost a fair bit of its initial audience. I'm only watching it out of a warped...
  20. AG99

    BBC 'Sherlock' versus RDJ's 'Sherlock Holmes'

    Has anyone seen the BBC miniseries Sherlock? They came out in sets of three, the first one back in 2010, another set in 2012, and this last series just now. You can watch them on BBCAmerica or Netflix them. For those who have seen it and the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes movies, which to you...