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    Italy DTV

    4-3-09 - is the first day when it will be illegal for Italian retailers to sell television sets that do not contain digital tuners for viewing digital television signals. Italy's DTV transition isn't due until sometime in 2010.
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    ATSC mobile digital TV at CTIA

    LG shows off ATSC mobile digital TV at CTIA | CTIA show - CNET Reviews
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    Samsung LED HDTV Series 8000, 7000, and 6000

    Samsung released the pricing and shipping dates for their new LED HDTV series 8000, 7000, and 6000. The Samsung UN46B7000 sells for $2,999.99 and the Samsung UN40B6000 $2,299.99. The 8000 is due to be released in May of 09, pricing details are not available as of yet.
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    Insignia IS-LCDTV26 Recalled (Sold at Best Buy)

    Model number: Insignia IS-LCDTV26. Approximately 13,000 of these TV sets were sold between August 2005 and June 2006. Incidents 2 fires have been reported that were traced to the failure of a component in the TV’s power supply. The fires reportedly caused minimal property damage and minor...
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    New LCD TV Manufacture: EQD

    Webpage: EQD Products: Auria 16" HD TV Auria 22" FHD TV Auria 24" FHD TV Auria 26" HD TV Auria 32" HD TV Auria 37" FHD TV Auria 42" FHD TV Kind of a tough market to be entering in a bad economy, but I wish them well!
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    Yamaha's 2009 Receivers Available Now

    All models except the RX-V365 have 4 HDMI inputs. For Bass lovers, the RX-V565, RX-V665 and RX-V765 have two subwoofer outputs. The RX-V665 has Sirius XM radio compatibility and multi-zone audio output. The following are Retail Prices, so you should be able to get a better deal in stores or...
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    PC Gaming to get 3D games first before Consoles

    IGN: Gaming Tech to Watch in 2009 Bring it on!
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    Sharp and Chinese firm teaming up to LCD TVs

    Sharp and Chinese firm teaming up to make LCD TVs Sharp in talks with Chinese firm to produce LCDs Hmm. Hopefully they are teaming up with a quality firm out of China. Every time I hear of a company outsourcing, I cringe. Especially when it's a TV manufacture like Sharp!
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    Girl dies after TV falls on top of her

    El Monte girl dies after TV set falls on top of her | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times Feel bad for the family! Not sure if the TV was a flat panel, but if you have children (or even if you don't!) make sure and mount your TV's or position them correctly the first time you bring it home. I've...
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    Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray DVD Player

    Recent firmware updates have brought the BD-P1500 up to Profile 2.0-compatible. At just under $225.00, it looks like a pretty good purchase, but how easy is it to install the firmware updates?
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    Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver Review

    Teaser: Read the rest here - North Denver News - Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver With the economy in reverse gear, we can expect less products over the next fears years from HT manufactures. The Onkyo TX-SR606 on paper looks like a winner and at $375, it's a great deal!
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    Sony PS3: Gods of War 3

    Sony PS3: God of War 3 Sony slated God of War III, to arrive on PS3 sometime in 2009, though no exact date was given. This game is going to have incredible graphics, and on a 1080P, it's going to be rediculous. Anyway, here's some info on it - Sony quietly schedules God of War III for 2009 -...
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    3D TV: Anytime Soon?

    3D TV: Coming not so soon to a living room near you | The Philippine Star >> Business Features >> Networks Anyone else ready for 3-D Television? I thought for sure that we'd have hologram - holographic TVs by 2010, but then again, according to the shows and movies I used to watch, we were...
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    Vizio Inc passes Sony in sales for No. 2 US flat-panel TV maker Who'd a thunk it. I think folks are finally starting to realize that some of the high brand "luxury" electronics are nothing more than glorified pieces of electronic bling. Don't get me wrong, Sony makes great TVs, it's just...
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    2010: The Year We Make Contact - Blu-Ray Release

    From - Blu-ray Disc Details: 2010: The Year We Make Contact | High-Def Digest My only question is, what took so long for this movie to make it to Blu-Ray format?
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    Solving the humming problems of computer soundcards and home theatre systems

    Have problems finding and solving problems in home theaters which consists of computer and other AV equipment? This article - Ground loop problem solving is a great tutorial for fixing ground loop humming problems.
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    LG Blu-ray box ofers CinemaNow and YouTube videos

    From - LG Blu-ray box to offer CinemaNow, YouTube videos | Digital Media - CNET News I don't see how Blu-Ray is going to make it when there are far more superior and efficient ways to deliver videos to your TV. Something like the LG Blu-Ray box would be a hot seller even if it didn't have a...
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    Clerks 2 - Blu-Ray Release set for February 3, 2009

    From - Weinstein Bumps Up 'Clerks II' Blu-ray | High-Def Digest Anybody seen Clerks II? I remember watching Clerks back in College almost a decade ago (has it been that long!). Funny stuff.
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    Pioneer Kuro PRO-151FD Review

    Read the review at: Pioneer's Kuro Doesn't Disappoint - BusinessWeek Something kind of cool about the PRO-151FD,
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    CES 2009 - Economy hits Consumer Electronics Show

    From - CES 2009 preview: economic gloom raises the stakes for technology companies - Telegraph Anybody going this year? It starts next week in Las Vegas, NV.