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    Question: Stacked Super G 1483

    Does anyone have any experience with this antenna? AntennaCraft 16 Bay UHF Antenna HD TV Outdoor 36 Elements Extreme Deep Fringe TV Aerial with Stacking Booms and Mast Pipe for Local Off-Air Digital Off-Air HDTV Reception, BLUE ZONE, Part # Super G 1483 | With 50 FT Coax Cable I'm guessing that...
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    Why can't I be the cable company

    I don't know how it works now, but it used to be that the local cable company went to the highest place in town and put up a bunch of antennas. Then they ran the coax all over creation and through hundreds (thousands?) of splitters, and everyone in town got a good picture (theoretically). So why...
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    Question: Need help with antennas

    I’m in Somerset, PA. I have a Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB8X with a Winegard 8780 Preamp pointed at Pittsburgh (about 60 miles NW) and an Antennas Direct DB4E with a Wingard 8283 pointed at Johnstown (about 25 miles NE). The antennas are about 40 feet apart, and both are about 75 feet from the...