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    Sports Bars

    How often to you go to a sports bar to watch an event. I am such a sports freak that I usually go at least once a week to watch a baseball game or a hockey game, depending on the time of year.
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    YouTube and Viruses?

    I have just gotten into YouTube, but I have been wondering if I have to worry about getting viruses every time I watch something from that site.
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    Adult Swim

    I heard some time ago that Adult Swim was going to get their own channel. I haven't heard anything since. Has anyone heard anything?
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    Problems On the Phone

    Has anyone else had difficulty dealing with Comcast people on the phone? Everytime that I have to call them, I go through the same problem with the security issue. They ask me the security question, and I fail; and then a fight breaks out. I basically end up saying that I get a bill every month...
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    Too Much Abuse

    I have always found this show to be entertaining. One thing about it that I have not liked, is the treatment that the one guy gets from his wife who has seperated from. It seems like he simply takes too much abuse from her. What is really strange is, the show always shows the kid being with the...
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    Weather Channel?

    Does anyone really wonder why there is such a channel; a station devoted to exactly what the name implies? I certainly do. I don't need a channel to have a weather report for me all day; yahoo does that. Even more, I can't figure out why older people, like my parents, love to watch the Weather...
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    Is Stewie Gay?

    What is the deal with Stewie? There are episodes where Stewie makes statements that make him appear gay. Then there are three episodes that I can recall where he has a deep attraction for a girl, including the last one. So what is the deal with Stewie. Does he go both ways, is he a confused...
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    Possible Divorce?

    The last episode from like two weeks ago, ended the show with a hint of a possible divorce for Peter and Lois. As the credits began, Lois stated that she got the money from her father after she told him she needed a divorce lawyer. Peter asked if she was serious about the lawyer, and she gave no...