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  1. MMkaho

    call of duty online?

    Apparently China gets exclusive rights to a version of COD multiplayer fps free to play which I wanna play doesn't look top notch but it would be worth a shot Call of Duty Online - The Call of Duty Wiki - Black Ops II, Ghosts, and more!
  2. MMkaho

    in love with hulu

    I subscribed using a promo I found here on this forum I got to say hulu has got my heart haven't even touched Netflix since I have subscribed though the commercials I'm not a big fan, but it has satisfied my entertainment needs
  3. MMkaho

    new call of duty a bit too futuristic I think its a little to scifi'y but its worth the money to add to the collection
  4. MMkaho

    Et has been found

    Hundreds of lost Atari cartridges unearthed in New Mexico - They found The Et atari games in a desert... WHOOHOO
  5. MMkaho

    Sledgehammer releases first image

    Sledgehammer games have released the first image of the new Call of duty apparently being based on WW2 war area Call of Duty 2014: Sledgehammer reveals first screenshot - Gaming News - Digital Spy
  6. MMkaho

    comcast doubling speeds this month

    Comcast Data Speeds To Increase For Some Customers: Report | BGR Sadly I'm prolly not gonna notice a difference in speeds as o barley get 30mbps now and I'm suppose to
  7. MMkaho

    Trying to suck people back into WoW

    I'm a casually on and off WoW player when i think ill have free time from the family/raising kids and whatnot but no matter what this How Warlords of Draenor is planning to get you back into Warcraft - GameSpot is not gonna bring me back but i do know a few people that will dive back right into...
  8. MMkaho

    Question: Remake of old systems?

    I think there should be a limited edition remake of certain classic systems with updated hardware but... keep the classic approach to the games just extend them out a bit now maybe not carteridges or nothing but digital downloads maybe purchasable from a company website, now i do know everything...
  9. MMkaho

    Big failure i guess

    it matches the phillips home theater line type of connector which maybe shaving some off it might fit just fine but idk
  10. MMkaho

    Big failure i guess

    Coby products arent easy to replace or repair as it seems the system i got is a Coby DVD938 which the end plugs got snipped from the speakers and nobody at coby is answering not even ebay can help me find the parts i need to replace them :( Any suggestions on where i can get parts from?
  11. MMkaho


    I found a slammer pog from 1994 gotta love having dogs nice little mummy infront of a moon
  12. MMkaho

    Goonies sequal

    I came across this the other day, not a big fan of the movie but this was interesting took them this long to make a sequal somebody somewhere must have seen Dollar signs :) 'Goonies 2' rumors are good enough for us
  13. MMkaho

    So gaming and energy drinks wasnt good idea

    been up for about 14 hours drinking monster and Playing xbox mixed with running around and i tell you it wasn't a good idea this day I really feel screwed up anyways just thought id share...
  14. MMkaho

    Internet gaming for money

    It's a nice idea for great game players to earn money and yet to enjoy playing video games, though i however think it leads to a jobless future because most of the players that compete in these tournaments don't really have any other skills, and eventually console gaming will be pretty much dead...
  15. MMkaho

    Coby DVD938

    Ok I just got a Coby DVD 938 DVd home theater system today from my cousin, Unfortuantley he tried to wire them into the main system he had so no plugs or any type of connector on the end ( which i can get replaced ) But i have yet to figure out if i can route my tv audio through that system via...
  16. MMkaho

    Hp media center PC

    Anybody ever own a Hp Media center PC are they pretty decent along the lines of performance for a Center stage for my little home theater system?
  17. MMkaho


    Games pretty good dlc is pretty cheap, among all things it lets anybody design what they want with barley any "gravity" limitations if done right I just wish this game would have found me earlier, Whats everybodys thoughts?
  18. MMkaho

    XBOX one controller

    I wish the controller had a standard jack instead of the usb looking port now i gotta search around and spend more money for a new headset Even with the adapter I wish i could use my 360 headset, What yall think?
  19. MMkaho

    hardest game to play on the 360 or the ps3?

    Which game have you found hard to play or really irritated with? me personally it was the resident Evil series, Not really hard per say just really annoying
  20. MMkaho

    Which system is good for...

    Doing a little after income tax shopping around and trying to link my computer and my Xbox one together on the same surround system ( they arent to far apart ) I know xbox one has optical audio which is preferable to me which system would be a good one between the price range of $500 to $600...