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    What channel is Hallmark Drama on?

    FYI.....Philo streaming service has 3 Hallmark channels.
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    bad tuner?

    I'm surprised 20% signal will get a good picture. You may have electrical interference causing the problem. I have a channel (RF-13) that drops out when I use the microwave oven or turn on recessed LED celling lights. Normally it has 60% or higher signal but drops below 30% when the above are in...
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    bad tuner?

    Yes it could be a poor tuner in the Philips. Or maybe just a low signal level from the Antenna. The RCA ANT-751 is a great little antenna, but when you split the signal to two TV, each is receiving less than half the full signal. Temporary try using the Philips TV without the splitter, so that...
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    Power Supply Required?

    Without more info on the "150 mile outdoor antenna" my best guess is YES it will need power. Most likely it has an amplifier that aids in such a long range. Hope that helps.
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    Help with Dish signal

    10 yrs ago I had Dish Network, my signal strength was low 70's. Had problems with rain fade a lot. Even light rain. Their dish size is small. Now I have DirecTV and the signal is in the 90's. The installer told me they can't install unless its that strong.
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    Problem with turning on Roku TV

    Check and see if the TV will turn on using other ways. Should be a power on button behind the bottom left side. Does the app show local Roku devices found, when you start the app ?
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    The TVFool dB is missing several major receivable network stations, in this area. WSAZ (NBC) 3.1 (RF 23) located about a mile north of WOWK tower WQCW (CW) same tower as WOWK WCHS (ABC) 8.1 RF(41) located on same tower as WVAH (FOX) 11.1 WCHS is moving to RF 29 next...
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    He was looking at a CH-2018 I had for sale on CL. He told me his was larger, I think he said it was the RCA antenna from Lowes. I suggested he try the RCA pre-amp also at Lowes. He has the motorized antenna, at his Cheaspeake house, said it worked great. I installed a RCA Ant-751 for my...
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    There is a man in Cheaspeake who has a cabin at the lake near Oak Hill. He had problems getting consistent reception. So I suggested he add an antenna pre-amp and so far I have not hear any more from him, so I can only guess that it worked .
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    No I only tried 3 different Channel Master Antennas, and a couple of generic Asian antennas. Being located in Oak Hill you may need to add a pre-amp to the antenna to help boost the signal. Most of the antennas you are looking at are made to sell world wide and are at best a comprise for the...
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    Ch 13 yes, The Winegard HD7694p is a Hi VHF/UHF antenna. Just be sure to follow the instruction on the direction the elements are to be un-folded. The picture on the instructions is miss-leading. It does make a difference. Forget about an inside or attic antenna. The transmitters are too far...
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    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    Hello Hinchman007 I'm in South Point and think I can help you. After trying serval indoor antennas I moved to a roof insulation, and a Winegard HD7694p. Now I get most of the local OTA broadcast. Also using a distribution amp to feed 4 TVs. Buy the way the TVfool report is missing several...
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    Sharing media from a phone to display on an LED TV

    You want to stream video from your phone to the TV, right ? The model number of your TV appears to be a non-smart TV so you will need a streaming device, like a Roku or Fire stick. With both the phone and Streaming device on the same Wi-Fi channel you will be able to "Mirror" video from your...
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    Review: Deal Alert

    RCA ANT751 are marked down at my local Lowes. Scored two for $14 ea. Not every store has them marked down that low. Buy online pick up in store.