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    Mast for antenna

    I built a loop-dipole antenna that was recommended on here several years ago by dkreichen1968. Thank you Dan for your recommendation as the antenna has served me well. The pole I have the antenna on is from three 10' fence posts I bought from Lowes. The antenna is about 12-18" in the ground and...
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    Motor for Antenna

    I built the loop-dipole antenna which was recommended about 1 year ago. It has worked great. I would like to now attach or mount a motor to the pole to rotate the antenna so that I can improve the signal for a few channels that I would also like to watch. What are your recommendations for a...
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    Questions and Confusion regarding "grounding" an antenna and cable

    I have read the sticky on "Grounding an Antenna" and RF Steve attached a diagram to one of my threads regarding grounding an antenna. I have also read some material on the internet and I am still a little confused. I have installed about a 1-5/16" OD mast that is about 20' high and it is about...
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    Newbie needs antenna help

    Hi, I live in Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411, which is just west of West Palm Beach in southeast Florida. I live in a residential area with mostly single story one family homes. I have a hip roof on my house and I was wondering if it is feasible to install an antenna in my attic and if so, what...