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    Which is better Hulu or Netflix

    So which is better ? Hulu or Netflix I can both thru my kids Wii U system....pros and cons
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    Made a new and better antennae out of a pop can this weekend.

    i have a pop can split into two with 18 guage wire then plugged into the antennae coax spot. I get 27 channels, great reception and super crisp and clear. I think i'm going to make one for my dad and see what i can pull in from his location. I have a feeling i need a amplifier for his sight...
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    Let's see your homemade TV Antenna

    Let's see them how much do you have into it ? How did you build it...etc.
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    How can i get better vhf reception off of my pop can antenna?

    i'm only getting one vhf channel but a bunch of how can i get more vhf channells channels to my contraption....pop can antenna split open and two insulated 18 guage wires attached to it and then the wire tweaked into the coax cable insert.
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    Lost Charter for the weekend...storms, but made 2 antennas..homemade style.

    I made a antenna out of wire and a split open pop can and was pulling about 20 channels. I was pulling stations from Ft. Wayne indiana from Kalamazoo....that's about 117 miles....i was astonished to be honest. i was able to get my local NBC channel 8.1...i think it's VHF isn't it ? The other...
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    I wake up this morning and Poof no cable......Charter Cable's BS again

    So in order to get charter cable you have to have these new boxes on every tv.... the tv in my great room has the digital box / reciever....but my tv in my basement and bedroom doesn' now they don't work. Charter gives you the boxes or free for the first year, then after that $10 per box...
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    Where are you from ?

    I'm in Kalamazoo Michigan.... Just got hooked up to Hulu+ thru my kids wii....which i thought was pretty cool! hopefully will transition to a Antenna soon and drop Charter. post pics of yourself and your antenna system.
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    Who is from Michigan...? Post please!

    I'm in the Kalamazoo area...and want to get a count of how many michiganders are on here and what their setup is (equipment, antenna etc.) Is your reception good...? Post pics of your antenna setup if you want
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    Joined Hulu Plus......

    Well I finally did it......Hooked up and joined Hulu Plus thru my kids wii....pretty cool! Watched a few movies the other day. We'll see where this goes, not sure if the wife is on board with dropping charter all the way minus the I'll give it a month or two.
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    Anyone see the show where the guy was petting wild deer...?

    My family and i were amazed as we watched the documentary. This guy / landowner i think in wyoming or montana did this 2 year video series about how the deer trusted him and they would come up and let them pet was amazing footage. Great documentary!!! I can't recall the name of it...
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    What is this FiOS....?

    Tell me about this service and how well it's working...?
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    Netflix going to raise rates

    Just out on fox news...Netflix going to raise rates...
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    What are the list of channels on Roku

    What exactly is the selection of channels...? is there a list someone can post... is there any extra cost...?
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    Thinking of dropping Charter.....and going with a Antennae and likely Roku or similar

    Need some suggestions as to what to get for equipment and service. I don't think i want netflix. I was just looking at Playon tv and they offer some good channels.....but anyways would like some suggestions. We like sports so we might have to figure out how to get MLB and espn. Could live...