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  1. leighdu

    Paula Abdul judging a Dance Show?

    I saw some previews for a new dance show, and Paula is yet again a judge on another show??!?!? I'm wondering how good this one will go. I am really not too big on all the other dancing shows, and Paula isn't exactly the best judge out there IMO.I may check out the season premiere but it doesn't...
  2. leighdu

    Dsi xl

    My kid just got one of these for Christmas from her grandparents, and really, there is nothing new except the screen is bigger! I figure waiting for the 3DS where you can watch videos would have been a better option. Oh well, the kiddo seems to enjoy it.
  3. leighdu

    Entourage Season Finale?

    Ok, so I cancelled Comcast and didn't get to see the season finale. I can't even find it on Youtube. Does anyone know where I can watch it at? I tried HBO and couldn't find it either :duh:.
  4. leighdu

    Still Looking for X Factor Dvds!

    I'm not sure if I have posted this or not before, but does anyone know where to buy the X Factor (UK) season set? I've looked everywhere and have only been able to find the first one, but I'd like to be able to watch it all in one setting without having to click through a million different...
  5. leighdu

    It's Official: J Lo is Definitely an Idol Judge

    American Idol: Fox confirms: Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler join 'American Idol' - Show Patrol Not only is it confirmed, but there are videos showing the new judges talking about their new roles as judges in a press release. I don't understand the choice to bring in J Lo. At least Steven Tyler is...
  6. leighdu

    J Lo and Ryan Seacrest feuding already on American Idol

    I'm not sure how true this is, but rumors are going around that Ryan and J Lo are butting heads on the set of AI. Given J Lo's gigantic ego, I can almost believe it: Feuding Rumors Rock 'Idol's Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest | Fancast News
  7. leighdu

    New Karate Kid movie out on Redbox today

    Has anyone seen this one yet? I'm a fan of the first two movies with Ralph Macchio (not so much the last two) and am curious if this one is similar to the original? I think I will check it out since it's only a dollar, but just wondering what others thought about it.
  8. leighdu

    Never had Dish before but.....

    Dish is offering a great deal in my area right now, and since I have cancelled Comcast I am in the market for something else. I read all the other posts but still it doesn't seem that anything could be as bad as Comcast (at least for me). Anyways, I was wondering how many people enjoy Dish and...
  9. leighdu

    What happened to the games?

    If I remember right, didn't there used to be a games section? I looked around and didn't see it anywhere. What happened, and are the games possibly coming back?
  10. leighdu

    Toy Story 3

    Has anyone see it yet? I've never seen the first two but my kid is begging me to take her, so looks like that will be in the plans this weekend. I hear adults have enjoyed the movie too though, so hopefully I won't get too bored.
  11. leighdu

    Where can I buy the Old School Systems?

    Besides E-Bay, does anyone know where to get the older systems, specifically the original NES? My sister is having an 80's party and she is going all out on this one from the chairs, clothes, posters, televisions, right down to the old consoles. I don't really trust E-Bay right now and haven't...
  12. leighdu

    Smurfs Movie

    One of my favorite cartoons as a kid is making its way to the big screen :popcorn:. Even if it's cheesy and silly, I will definitely check it out. The Smurfs (2011)
  13. leighdu


    I've noticed this on my bill alot. Seems Comcast has changed to that name for some of their services, but what exactly does it mean?
  14. leighdu

    Which Game is Funner to Watch in Person?

    Baseball or Football? I like watching them both but I prefer the atmosphere at a baseball game. It may be because of memories of when I was a kid, except now I can actually have a few beers too :).
  15. leighdu

    MySpace Vs Facebook...

    For those who are social networkers, which site do you prefer? I rarely, if ever, go to MySpace anymore. I don't if it's because all my friends and associates switched over to Facebook or because it's just not quite as good as Facebook (maybe both).
  16. leighdu

    Favorite show right now?

    I can't think of any shows that I can consider my favorite right now except for Entourage (HBO). Just wondering what everyone else's favorite show is at the present time, whether new or even something I may have missed but can check out on re-runs.
  17. leighdu

    Ralph Macchio at Karate Kid Premiere

    I really want to see the new one, even though yes, I know it doesn't follow the original story...but then again, I feel like this is an entirely different movie that shouldn't have to. No remake, no matter what, will ever beat the original: The Karate Kid - Ralph Macchio and Arsenio Hall...
  18. leighdu


    I keep seeing the previews for upcoming shows and always tell myself that I want to catch an episode, but then always forget. From what I see it looks really good. Any thoughts? I don't record shows or have that capability, so if it is really good I would just have to make a point of making sure...
  19. leighdu

    Just subscribed to Netflix

    I didn't see another thread about this so I apologize if it is a repeat...but I have just signed up to try out Netflix after I heard that the movies come in fast and that you can also watch movies instantly. So far I have really enjoyed it and am thinking of continuing the service after the...
  20. leighdu

    Will You Watch X-Factor?

    Seems as if Simon is bringing his British show "X=Factor" to America next year. I admit I like the X-Factor a lot beter than Idol, but have to resort to YouTube to watch the shows. I will definitely be tuning in to X-Factor and out of A.I.