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    Who is really benefiting from this change

    Who is really benefiting from this change. To me it sounds like the retailers, and in a market that is struggling this does not seem like a great choice other than to the businesses who will benefit from it.
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    How will DTV change how we watch television

    Is this all because the big HDTV movement that is going on with manufacturers. Will it really change how people watch TV. I know that with all of what I am hearing it does not sound so promising to those of us who do not pay for television.
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    Are the expectations too high

    Do you think the expectations of digital television are too high on the side of the consumer? I have read so many threads and posts I just have to ask this question.
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    DTV Channels - What should be expected

    What should be expected when we connect the new converter box. Should we expect new channels or is that just wishful thinking. Better reception should or would be expected and not considered unreasonable right?
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    Anyone have this brand

    My friend bought this brand of converter, and already has it hooked up and things seem to be good. I would like to know if anyone has information on this one.