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  1. Piggie

    Rotor Thread

    I looked and didn't see a rotor thread. Rotors have changed so much from the days I played with them on ham bands, not sure if there is even a good TV rotor still made from what I remember hearing they have plastic gears (made to fail). Anyone here tried several rotors or even had luck with...
  2. Piggie

    Question: Is the sky blue?

    Posting this to see how many opinions I get and how fast this thread turns political.
  3. Piggie

    Tio by Winegard .... Mobile Digital TV (ATSCH-MH)

    I got back interested what new links I could find on ATSC M/H today. And came across this. Anyone else heard or seen this? It's from the CES web site. Winegard Company - In-car Gaming System,Other Mobile and Vehicle Electronics Products Doesn't say much, why I wondered if there is any other...
  4. Piggie

    Winegard HDP-269 will run on a 12volt battery

    For those of you that want or need to build an emergency system this is good news. It comes directly from Winegard. The HDP-269 when connected to it's 18VDC rated power supply drags down the voltage to about 14 VDC in a typical installation. Though there is a slight loss in gain (not...
  5. Piggie

    Winegard HDP-269 DOES have an FM Trap!

    Low and behold, despite the fact it's totally unadvertised, the HDP-269 indeed has a built in FM trap that is -12db, matching it's gain, that is fixed and always on (it can't be turned off). Here is the email from Winegard's engineer, Hans Rabong. My question to Hans was can the HDP-269 be...
  6. Piggie

    We are diluting our Objective Status

    There have been two antenna manufacturers here or those that sell antennas posting on the forum. I do not believe this forum will have an ounce of objective information if there is a motivation for those that sells antennas to post the attributes and links here to their antennas. That is the...
  7. Piggie

    Piggie is Gone, I have left the room

    Well after constantly hearing everything was the fault of the left. Bomb throwing. Seeing the forum becoming a place to promote at least 2 companies antenna sales, free advertising. After many months of thousands of hours helping, working for free, I have rethought how I use my personal time...
  8. Piggie

    You have chosen to open ... Firefox 3.5

    If you run into a problem trying to download a file in Fx 3.5 and the dialogue box always comes up Open with and program, yet you want to download it, Save File, here is the answer. In prior versions of Fx you could set the operations of mime types, but in their brilliance (sarcasm) they have...
  9. Piggie

    Antenna Gain - Is it the ultimate measure of a better antenna?

    Let me start with manufacturers that use mileage, that is a real joke. Simply if there is a hill in the way a 60 mile antenna is not going work any better than a 30 mile antenna pointed straight at the hill. Mileage is the worst way to judge an antenna, then add to fact those like the Chinese...
  10. Piggie

    Stay Logged In - Firefox 3.5.3 XP SP2

    I never upgraded to Vista and never will, so I am not sure how this applies to Vista. However, I don't even believe this is OS dependent, as this trick probably works in Linux and OS10 as well. I also don't use IE and seldom use Opera, so anyone that can show this trick in those browsers...
  11. Piggie

    Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge

    Ran across an interesting blog done on Katrina's Storm Surge. Long read, I skimmed parts, read parts, looked at pictures. Worth the time on a night that is all reality shows Katrina's Surge, Table of Contents : Weather Underground
  12. Piggie

    Woman cited by FCC for Indoor TV antenna

    I can't even believe this. Stanislav posted this over at AVS. They cited her for interfering with cell phone due to emissions from her indoor amplified TV antenna. Why go after this lady? She bought it in good faith from the store for her TV. So does this or not prove the FCC is controlled...
  13. Piggie

    The People of Walmart.....

    Set aside an afternoon if you like funny photograph of real stuff. People of Walmart: a collection of all the creatures that grace us with their presence at Walmart, America's favorite store.
  14. Piggie

    PSIP - Never the right time

    I don't know about where you are but here only PBS seems to keep their PSIP clock even close. Why isn't it set to automatically set it's time? It's a computer program for good grief.
  15. Piggie

    How bad do you want a Swine Flu vaccine shot?

    The government in some states might not be giving you a choice. Cops jump on swine-flu power: Shots heard 'round the world
  16. Piggie

    U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy dies at age 77

    U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy dies at age 77 About midnight from Brain Cancer he had. People, this would be a very inappropriate time to comment even slightly political. U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy dies at age 77
  17. Piggie

    FM Antenna - Which Polarization to Choose?

    The question was presented to me if you have an FM radio receiving antenna which polarization should you use? I will defend my answer in more detail below. Polarization is an age old problem with only one simple solution for reception of FM Radio Broadcast, which is horizontal (mobile...
  18. Piggie

    High Quality Video or lots of subs - OTA ONLY

    An OTA channel has only so much bandwidth. It's limited. So there are constraints to using MPEG2 and AC3 currently in the ATSC specs. I am not talking about the future, or what could be, but what there is to work with now. An ATSC channel has 19 some mbps to work with. Some of it is used on...
  19. Piggie

    Radio Shack FM Trap 15-577C Discontinued Part - Wonder Why?

    This report doesn't speak to well unless you modify the trap. Radio Shack FM Trap 75 ohm Product Reviews
  20. Piggie

    Is Content King for OTA Broadcasts

    Since for every subchannel added, in most cases it reduces the bandwidth of the main HD channel, which do you prefer? Content or HD. Both is not an option, as it violates the laws of physics, and is a blue sky dream with the current standards. The exceptions are a 720P program with MPEG2 looks...