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  1. dkreichen1968

    Information on Channel Repack Now Available @

    The incentive auction is over and the TV band repack is about to begin. What stations in your local market(s) are moving frequencies, and when are they moving? Find out at Sign up for email and/or text alerts, so you will be the first to learn when to...
  2. dkreichen1968

    New Channel "Charge" Now on Local Stations

    Charge! is the all-new network television home for action & adventure content from MGM's library. This includes movies such as the Rocky & James Bond franchises. Find local stations here:
  3. dkreichen1968

    TBD TV Now on Local Stations

    TBD is a new television network for viewers who love TV and love the internet. TBD is a new free broadcast network that combines the best of both worlds. The most entertaining stuff from the most creative creators is hand-picked and put on your TV for a new adventure every day. Everything from...
  4. dkreichen1968

    Quest Television Goes Live Today 1/29/2018

    If you are in one of the lucky markets, you are in for the treat of the Quest TV network. Discover network style programming on a free multi-cast network. You can find the participating stations here: General information and programming here...
  5. dkreichen1968

    TiVo TV Cord Cutting Survey

    Interesting information. Cord cutting and antenna use increases! See more at:
  6. dkreichen1968

    Gordon Smith of NAB Says Spectrum Auction "Might Not Have Been Necessary"

    Read More: Just one more way that the Obama administration took advantage of the American consumer. The "Unaffordable Healthcare Act" and the "Unaffordable TV Act."
  7. dkreichen1968

    39 Month Repack to Start March 30th

    Read More: Stations will have 39 months from March 30th to move to their new channels. Meanwhile many may be moving to ATSC 3.0. How well this ultimately works for consumers is yet to be seen.
  8. dkreichen1968

    Station Changes After Incentive Auction

    Read More: I'm glad the auction worked out for somebody. Move to VHF, get paid to do it. Not bad.
  9. dkreichen1968

    ATSC 3.0 Rule Making and Roll Out News

    Read More: This plan sounds like it could be very disruptive. ATSC 3.0 will be voluntary while ATSC 1.0 will be mandatory during the transition. Stations will be allowed to team up with one station...
  10. dkreichen1968

    Was The TV Spectrum Incentive Auction "Successful"?

    I think it's only success was in giving the American people a raw deal. May no one ever think it would be a good idea ever again. Long live free TV!!! Read more:
  11. dkreichen1968

    When Will Stations Going out of Business After the Incentive Auction Go Dark

    Stations will be going dark, or entering into channel sharing, this fall. Read more:
  12. dkreichen1968

    Spectrum Auction May Be Terminal

    Read More: Some of us have been predicting this for some time. It is nice to see that our prediction is coming true. Long live free television!!!
  13. dkreichen1968

    Every Pay TV Company Loses Subscribers in Quarter Two

    Read More: With free OTA broadcast TV and internet video, $100 a month just doesn't make financial sense.
  14. dkreichen1968

    Cord Cutting Accelerating: Will Pay-TV Adjust or Die?

    Read More: Cord Cutting Speeds Up: Pay TV Lost 566,000 Subs Last Quarter | DSLReports, ISP Information In many ways the pay-TV companies are stuck in the middle. Content providers have been demanding higher and higher fees, including the retransmission fees that broadcasters charge. Sports...
  15. dkreichen1968

    Cable TV Content Company's Stocks Down Based on Cord Cutting

    Read More: Cord cutting vs. cable TV: Pay TV stocks getting hammered | BGR Cord cutting is finally having an impact. At least as far as stock prices are concerned. Cable TV has been losing ratings, resulting in lower ad revenue, resulting in lower profit. The result is that investors are...
  16. dkreichen1968

    New Ways to Watch TV Interesting News Story
  17. dkreichen1968

    Record and Play Back Free TV with Xbox One

    Read More: Microsoft unveils Xbox One DVR features, enabling recording and playback of free over-the-air TV - GeekWire Unfortunately this isn't going to be available for another 6 months or so, but it is nice to know that Microsoft isn't totally abandoning those of us who wish to record free TV.
  18. dkreichen1968

    Sling TV Advertisements Charlie Ergen may be a pain in his employee's rear end, but he isn't dumb. People who still have traditional MVPD service? That is another story!!!
  19. dkreichen1968

    Has ESPN Bit Off More Than It Can Chew?

    Read More: Dick Harmon: Cable TV 'cord-cutting' about to spell major trouble for ESPN? | Deseret News Us OTA TV fans could see this coming. People only have so much disposable income, and pay TV networks like ESPN can't expect people to continue to spend more and more of that income on them...
  20. dkreichen1968

    ATSC 3.0 Being Tested in Cleveland

    Read More: UHD TV, Mobile TV, Emergency Data Broadcast Tested in Ohio | EE Times As the FCC seeks to pack broadcasters into less and less bandwidth the new ATSC 3.0 standard will become crucial to the future success of local broadcasting. Higher bit rates and improved codeces mean better...