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  1. DTVuser2009

    Mitsubishi 32" wood console Color CRT TV

    It's a multiple input 32" Color CRT TV that is inside a woodgrain cabinet but still sets up on a TV stand. it has multiple inputs and two antenna inputs. but i don't have a manual and cannot figure out how to set the clock on it. when i bring up the OSD it shows: EXT-2 --:-- The TV is from...
  2. DTVuser2009

    Advent 34" Direct-View HDTV, accessing Service Menu?

    Does anyone out there know the sequence of buttons i need to press to open up the Service Menu on this TV? it's a flat-CRT (tries to be a flat panel, early model from 2003) HDTV i got for free, all resolutions work all the way to 1080i (excellent picture!) but it has a minor pincushion effect on...
  3. DTVuser2009

    CBS/MY44 out of sync after 9 PM. JakesDTVBlog may want to read this

    Jake and anyone in the Tri-state (Owensboro/Evansville) markets. MY44 (CBS 44.2) after 9PM is always out of sync. i can only describe it as the video and audio are out of phase. the lips move a few seconds after the audio is heard, like trying to watch a Youtube video on an older computer. it's...
  4. DTVuser2009

    Not technically 'electronics' it is vintage!

    Another score i found. not too surprised it still works but it has to be the cutest thing ever. i believe it is from the 1960s by the styling of it but it's a Hotpoint brand Porta-Cool A/C unit. the smallest window A/C i have ever seen! (never even seen a new one this tiny, although i was...
  5. DTVuser2009

    I want my I want my RTV

    anyone from Owensboro/Evansville Market (is Jake'sDTVblog still a member here?) know where the heck my RTV went? WEHT-DT 25.2? it seems to have damn sports network crap on it! i wanted to watch my daily episodes of Knight Rider, Kojack, and others now it is gone!!!
  6. DTVuser2009

    I do not like the new format and look

    I've been gone longer than i thought. is there any way possible to restore the look and feel of this forum to the way it was 1 year ago? when it was faster? i can barely do anything anymore, and the site takes longer to load on a 1GHz machine than Facebook would on a 486DX
  7. DTVuser2009

    Another Thrift "Score"

    Anyone familiar with the iRobot Roomba??? $20 and works!!
  8. DTVuser2009

    Downgraded to Windows 98 SE

    Yes, my Linux amazement died off when i found out that Facebook games such as Cafe World eat up tons of RAM and the only browser that works on Linux is mozilla-based versions such as Firefox and Iceweasel and i was finding every single one including Opera were eating 110MB of my 256MB of RAM to...
  9. DTVuser2009

    Mozilla Firefox Blooper!

    LOL, it appears that Firefox has been around since 1969, according to update history!
  10. DTVuser2009

    Microwave communications--the original cellular technology

    Remember when these were more prevalent? they are only now a rare reminder of where the Cellular Telephone started its impact on the world. MIcrowave Communications. if you have ever watched shows like Magnum, P.I., or Emergency!, or Kojak, these were used by the business elite as far back as...
  11. DTVuser2009

    TWO RTVs?

    Yup, at least for me, i have two RTV's the usual local one, the other is from WPSD Local 6. Not much though--as the RTV on WPSD is exactly the same as the feed on WEHT 25.2....i have zero program guide data on that channel but from what i'm comparing on the different RTVs...
  12. DTVuser2009

    Awesome gadgets of the '70s

    I've fallen in love with the gadgets of the '70s...i cannot explain it. maybe it's because most of 'em started the tech fads of the 1980s which further primed the boom of computers and the internet as we know it today? Maybe it is because various electronics, such as TVs, Microwaves, Stoves...
  13. DTVuser2009

    Star Trek 2009 comparisons

    I watched the 2009 movie over and over again. first at a friend's house and again and again on MegaVideo. i kept finding the bad guy, Nero, quite similar to someone but couldn't place my finger on him... ...Until i watched Star Trek: Nemesis...and then i found him. Nero Nero's Vessel...
  14. DTVuser2009

    IBM Personal Computer's 30th birthday

    On January 1, 1980, the very first IBM personal computer was born. it sported a blazing fast 4.77MHz 8086 CPU, 256KB RAM, and PC-DOS. at one time, that was a fast, capable machine selling for over a couple grand! Hard to believe that this is where it all started ^^^ The picture is of a IBM...
  15. DTVuser2009

    Darwin Awards in the headlines

    Ya know what? i thought Owensboro, KY was the worst redneck town of all, apparently i was mistaken! General sadness? You know what? some people are just born to play basketball...i mean, there's just some thing that tells you they're going to be a great NBA player...i just can't put my...
  16. DTVuser2009

    why was 'solid state' on old appliances?

    Looking at my home full of 1970s appliances/electronics i see a label that i find funny. but i wonder why it was plastered all over them? 'Solid-state' It's on every one. even twice on some. why? Was it really that much of a selling point to tell customers their electronics didn't have tubes...
  17. DTVuser2009

    Another Retro find

    $10 bought me a 1978 Sears 20" TV with the Ultrasonic remote control (remote was THERE!!!) i tested it in-store before i bought it, and the darned thing works! even the remote! I haven't mastered it yet though; the remote has only two buttons. the first is 'OFF-ON-VOL' and the second is...
  18. DTVuser2009

    More Vintage Electronics

    Weren't the '70s fun? Vintage U-Matic portable with 'flip clock' timer/clock: Multiplex Entertainment Center with Betamax unit built-in: 1956 (!!!) Remote control ad: 1963 Multiplex Entertainment Center: Another Multiplex Entertainment Center: ^^^I'm still looking for the real thing
  19. DTVuser2009

    The Harlem Globetrotters are just another basketbal team

    Why are they always advertised with not only that annoying commercial jingle but treated as if they were the kings of the world?! they're just a freaking NBA team!--get over it folks! Just like the Colts. they're no better than any other NFL team plus they're losing. so why are they on every...
  20. DTVuser2009

    Speak n Spell

    Remember these? in the 1980s this was what eventually got any 80s child onto the inevitable computer bandwagon. i had this and a Speak n Math (but it got later destroyed as i really sucked at math and the computer voice insulted me) There's a FLV game online too: Speak N Spell SWF