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    Grounding a Telescopic Mast?

    Let’s not forget however, that the 3 pc. current path still needs to be well established at all* times, not just in case of a lightning strike. A top to bottom connectivity is needed to discharge static build-up. Of course, along with the coax ground block near entry to the home.
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    Grounding a Telescopic Mast?

    My 2 cents, I believe a lightning strike would have no difficulty completing the path from top of the upper section, to bottom of the lower section and then to the ground rod. In spite of having been painted, especially since I’m aware that you performed a lot of wire brushing where the...
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    Grounding a Telescopic Mast?

    Well, mrlewp87. In simpler terms, you’re asking “when grounding a telescopic antenna, would it be best to attach the grounding conductor at the very top of the mast, vs. at the bottom?”
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    Grounding a Telescopic Mast?

    I’ve set up a 3 pc. telescoping mast, and wanted to follow safety measures, and code. Only AFTER tapping a 3/8” hole, and securing a sturdy clamp to accept a #6 copper wire, did I have any doubts about where I’d chosen for the clamp. At (near) the bottom. I think the question and...
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    TREES!... aim for the tops?

    Gonna try and keep this thread narrowly focused. I’ve got this 12’ UHF/VHF antenna. I also have 60’ oak trees. Goal is to set the antenna up as far from those trees as possible, but staying in the home yard side of the pasture fence. Aiming for Jacksonville, Fl. Trees are directly in...
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    Question: DIY TV Antennas

    Are there discussions of home made TV antennas in these forums? Not the rocket science of it, but particulars of wire types, metals, dimensions, etc.
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    Weather-proofing Coax Connections

    I'm gonna tell on my brother now. We live in different states, and nearly a year back I was serving up all sorts of advice (having just learned myself) on installing an OTA antenna. Trying to cover all the bases, including grounding and importance of good, clean connections, and preventing...
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    Question: One Screw-- And I Wrecked My Antenna??

    [/B] I'm not going omni-directional, so I do need the rotor. As for other changes; rotor sits about 3 ft. below the antenna. The ground cable is wrapped around the nut that tightens the RG6 cable to the antenna head. As it was when all worked before, and I know the nut and cable shield are...
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    Question: One Screw-- And I Wrecked My Antenna??

    Initially shopped for a "real" antenna and amplifier. I wimped out when learning the cost of decent, new rotor. Irony is, after trying out a cheap so-called "HD Digital" antenna- WITH built-in rotator, I bought a genuine rotor anyway. It was that, or mount a live camera pointed up there so I...