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    prevention of rain fade on antennas

    I always thought rain fade was caused by atmospheric conditions, but saw a video of someone coating their FTA antenna and almost eliminating fade from the rain. Apparently the fade is caused by water on the antenna that interferes with the signal. I noticed that metal roofs retain less than 5...
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    antenna recommendation for my mom

    My Mom is 90 and likes to watch the basketball games in the winter. Her tv wasn't picking them up so she signed up for directtv for $30 a month. They immediately racked up the price to $86 a month which has been causing her great aggravation for 2 years. She has called them each time but they...
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    what is the best antenna for this location

    I would like to get an antenna that picks up long range, including the stations at 139 (104 to 170) and 333 degrees. Here is the tvfool readout for this location. My current antenna looks approximately like this. What might be a better or the best antenna for this location? Thanks for all...