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    Networks... Rip

    Ok I'm a LITTLE slow sometimes on the draw but I just noticed the statements mad by FOX and CBS about becoming "cable only" channels when the Aero ruling I went back to the beginning to see what the much BRUAH was all about and discovered what Aero has to say about "the customer...
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    Building A KU

    Someone on here had mentioned taking an older DISH and making it into a KU man receiver someone explain the steps to do this I'd like to add that to my system set up I need a NBC and that's at LEAST one way to get one all the rest are outta get some f the subs
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    Is the End Near?

    For the first time in forever today I had decided to stop my my old standard HULU account and log in and watch something yet was hit by the oh so amazing idea that obviously HULU and it's creators are slowly killing the origial (and taking with it a lot of the vey OTA programs they provide the...
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    Netflix to Hulu Plus or Amazon or BOTH Traders?

    I have Netflix and am interesting in expanding with either Amazon and or Hulu plus and was wondering if there was anyone willing interesting in trading passes to either or services let me know ...
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    Sony media streamer is da boom!!!!

    Sony Media Streamer is definally my choice for HOME networking to my TV from my computer....lets just say I downloaded my favrote ohhhh CARTOON show to my Computer well SURE I'm not always gonna wanna be setting in from of the computer I just flix on my Sony internet Media Streamer and VOILA the...
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    Cartoon Network Comes 2 Netlix

    Netflix Snags Cartoon Network and Adult Swim Shows - Yahoo! News
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    I've got a question. How many channels is each station actually capable of carrying now. Seems the normal is 3 but we even still have one station that's a single here.......just wondering.....would have been nice if each little high powered station was like a little cable station with bunches of...
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    Sony Wireless Streamer Extends the Life of your New HDTV

    As you guys know I'm not exactly Mr Tech and ever since about a year ago now I've been constnatly rebuilding my TV Empire with goodies....Like a brand new OutDoor Antenna, TiVo, and then ran Internet streaming to it with both a Roku AND a Sony Media Streamer.....and boy here's one up for the...
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    Boom again!! Neflix becomes the first digital exclusive!

    I keep telling people......just watch it Netflix has something up their coat pocket...guess what, I was RIGHT! Today and into last night those that are Netflix subscribers might have noticed a little something different on the service......say some Disney titles are back and already up and...
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    The Walt Disney Company Acquires Lucasfilm; Star Wars: Episode VII Set for 2015

    The Walt Disney Company Acquires Lucasfilm; Star Wars: Episode VII Set for 2015 - IGN BOOM....the force just got upgraded.......
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    Vudu's scandals and lies

    You just Knew it had to be too good to be true! You know Vudu; the Wal Mart owned, cloud-based online service set on revolutionizing how America streams it's favorite video titles into it's living rooms, offering an array of options like Disc2Digital, UltraViolet/Digital Copy support and direct...
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    Sony HD Network Media Streamer

    After the constant evolve of my HD Antenna and System I decided to supplement with Netflix (via a HD ready) Sony Network Media Streamer and it's FABO.....found it at Wally World for about the same price as the Basic Roku but it's HD ready for the same price and carries all the same services...
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    New Magnavox 500GB HDD/DVD Recorder For OTA Recording Solution

    Magnavox 500GB HDD and DVD-R with Digital Tuner - Yet another new solution to the OTA recording problem.....thought u guys might like, now this ones a little pricey compared to the Brite View I posted, but come on we're talking about one time purchases per say...and this baby has a...
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    Brite View DVR Solution To OTA Recording!? brite-View BV-980H Digital HD DVR (for Antenna and clear QAM use) ,with 320GB HDD Built-in, EPG Supported,Time Shifting - Black: Electronics
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    Whatever happened to the DVD Recorder?

    It's strange, I'm sitting here now that I have my OTA set up done....and minus a few changes, the one thing I miss OTHER than a GOOD (or at least decent) electronic program quide....(yes u can find them online, I'm not saying u can't, I'm just NOT going to get up ....while I'm in Couch Potato...
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    Tribune Broadcasting says no DirecTV deal

    Tribune Broadcasting says no DirecTV deal
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    Channel Master CM 7777 vs Channel Master CM 7778

    I just got my AntennaCraft Deep Fringe up and running guys and it picks up everything really well ...except 3 and 5 come in and out (the last few channels I even care about pulling in)....hardly pulling obviously the pre amp is needed....but if the Jackson stuff is pulling in strong...
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    Imagine for a second what you'd get if your new widescreen TV married your DVR, internet connection, set-top box, tv antenna and a on-demand media streamer all at the same time. What you'd get is cloud.nine, an internet/cloud based set-top hybrid that is set to start a revolution and push...
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    CBS Comes To West TN via WBBJ

    Here's some interesting news for OTA'ers in the West Tennessee broadcast areas.... WBBJ.TV-7 out of Jackson TN will soon become a multi network hub by converting one of it's current sub channels into a CBS. Very exciting for people who have problems getting channels outta the Memphis area....