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    Drastic improvement in my 4 bay and 8 bay antenna reception.

    I built some 4 bay and 8 bay antennas that all work great. I accident discovered how to improve reception. My reflector screen is located 5" from the bow ties on all of my antennas. I moved the screen out 1" at a time when I got to 10" the signal strength got noticeable stronger and kept...
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    Why does my FREE 4 bay Antenna on CL keep getting Flagged?

    I collect scrap 2x4s and copper wire at construction sights and build 4 bay antennas to give away FREE. The craigslist ad says, I receive 40 channels out of Nashville with a photo of the antenna setting next to the TV and the TV is on and it shows the program I am watching. I explain the...
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    Where is Local OTA TV guide?

    I have TV guide saved in favorites but it has changed to advertisement. I have searched for 20 minutes for Nashville TN local TV Guide all I get are advertisements. Most are advertisements wanting me to sign up for DirectTV. Is there still an online TV guide for all the OTA local TV Channels???
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    Vintage amp for sale where is a good place to list it.

    Where is a good place to list a vintage amp for sale $350.? Macerick 250 Amplifier for sale
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    Having trouble receiving a 300 watt TV station 30 miles away.

    Here is a link to this station channel 6-2 and 6-4 are movies. 6-4 are good movies none stop with no advertisements. Plus they have some old classics. I was receiving a good strong signal for about a year then lost the signal a month ago. Signal is now jumpy about 5% to 25% with the 8 bay...
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    I just watched a good movie, THE MOUNTAIN with Spencer Tracy.

    I just watched THE MOUNTAIN with Spencer Tracy a classic 1956 movie in color. Its been 30+ years or more I had forgotten how good that movie is. The old classics are good. I watched it on Netflix it is only $10 a month I can watch as many movies as I want in a month. I can also make DVDs and...
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    Which TVs work best with Antenna?

    I am shopping for a new TV. I wonder which TVs have the best reception with antenna? I have a Sanyo HDTV reception is not as good as my 2 analog TVs with a converter box. Also the Sanyo is so heavy we need a fork lift to move it 214 lbs. I guess some manufactures assume everyone is on cable...
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    No Antennas allowed in this Neighborhood you have to take it down!!!

    Someone once gave me a link to a Federal Law that makes it illegal for anyone to prevent you from putting up a TV antenna. I need that link please. If I can not prove I have the legal right to have a TV antenna then I have to take it down.
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    I need a list of Digital TVs that will work on an Antenna.

    Some TV manufactures assume everyone is on cable and have a strong signal so to save money the TV has no preamp and reception is terrable with an antenna. I need a list of manufactures that are making TVs that get excellent reception with an antenna???
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    72 free antennas

    I put an ad on craigslist for FREE 8 bay bow tie plans and FREE help to build your own antenna to receive FREE over the air TV about 40 free channels available. I helped 72 people build an antenna. There are 72 more people watching free over the air TV. All those people said they were tried...
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    TWO 8 bay Antennas in Parallel.

    I swapped the balun wires and got both antenna wired in phase. With the balun connected the correct way the signal strength meter says 30%. With left and right bay connected to a T splitter hooked up backwards as a combiner the field strength meter says 60% for each antenna. Just for an...
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    Antenna Test Data 4 Bay

    I used the field strength meter on my HDTV to get these readings. The frequency on the left are the 3 channels that I tested it shows a frequency range between 186 to 692 MHz. The antenna screen is 20" wide 36" tall. The elements are 5" from the screen and spaced 9.5" apart vertical and 1.5"...
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    I built this Antenna today CM4228 clone almost.

    Tell me what you think. If you have suggestions for changes let me know. I built this antenna from information on this link. Temporary page The finished antenna weighs 4.5 lbs. Each bowtie elements are 9.75"long, 5" from tip to tip. Space between each bowtie is 1.5" mounted on a plastic...
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    CM4228 which model is which?

    I find pictures of 3 models, which one is which? I read the old model is better than the new model. Which one of these photos is the one to buy...
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    Will an antenna tuner work on HDTV?

    Will an antenna tuner work on HDTV? How can I build one?
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    Question, where to connect preamp & loses at cable connector.

    I bought a channel master 7777 preamp I hope it arrives by mail today. I bought a new 25 ft RG-6 cable too. Questions is. Where should I put the preamp? I know there is some loss in the cable if I put the pre amp at the TV the signal will be weakest there and high frequencies looses are higher...